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Top 160 Shutterfly Reviews (6)

Jeff from Elizabeth, COVerified Reviewer

Original review: March 14, 2023

I like a lot of Shutterfly products but they are overpriced unless you look at their promotional offers. Unfortunately, they have made their promotions so complicated that they never work without customer support, which rarely works. It's so bad I have to think it's on purpose. Awkward phone menus and frequent disconnects after obscenely long waits while the messages on hold constantly try to direct you to the online chat. Online chat is advertised as 24/7 but is often unmanned and when connected is worse than phone support. After spending an hour or more creating image projects three times only to get frustrated and overwhelmed at the checkout, I quit. I won't do it anymore

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Top 160 Shutterfly Reviews (7)

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Brooke aus Cincinnati, OHVerified Reviewer

Original review: March 6, 2023

I am very disappointed and downright angry that this company is deleting share sites without allowing their customers to submit metadata (like image titles and captions). I've been trying to reach her again and again over the past few weeks. I wait forever on hold and then get disconnected or finally get a real person, I'm assured someone will get back to me. Weeks go by and I have to go through the cycle again. It's annoying and still nothing happened. Save yourself a headache and work with another company.

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Top 160 Shutterfly Reviews (8)

C. von Honolulu, HIVerified Reviewer

Original review: March 2, 2023

Shutterfly appears to be going out of business despite almost daily marketing emails. Apparently there was a message buried in that stream that photos of inactive customers would be deleted. I signed up to place an order and found I have nothing from over 15 years of orders and stored photos and projects. The quality of Shutterfly photo products has never been exceptional, but we've stayed with the company as they kept our photos when there weren't as many options available. We are now filled with regret that we did not continue.

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Top 160 Shutterfly Reviews (9)

Connie von Boise, IDVerified Reviewer

Original review: January 23, 2023

I ordered a photo jigsaw puzzle of our trip to Egypt as a Christmas present for my husband. The images in the picture were of good quality and the puzzle looks pretty good; but the quality of the puzzle is really bad. The puzzle pieces are so flimsy and flimsy that some were damaged upon arrival. Once two parts are joined, they are almost impossible to touch or the slightest movement will cause them to separate. This makes it very difficult to actually connect all the parts together. The pieces are small and very oddly shaped and the picture of the completed puzzle on the front of the box is very small. All of which contribute to making it a difficult puzzle. We also received a Christmas themed photo puzzle of our cats from a friend and the quality of this puzzle was excellent. I'm not familiar with other Shutterfly products, but I recommend for photo puzzles.

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Top 160 Shutterfly Reviews (10)

Kathy aus San Ramon, CAVerified Reviewer

Original review: December 24, 2022

The website promised a photo travel mug for December 23rd because I paid an additional $17.99 for expedited shipping. Tracking says December 28 at 9:00 p.m. Now I have to pay to re-mail my son who was home for Christmas. Customer service doesn't care and gave me a different date every time I called.

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Top 160 Shutterfly Reviews (11)

Steve von Mesa, ArizonaVerified Reviewer

Original review: December 20, 2022

We ordered Christmas cards on November 1st and received them on December 19th with nothing but an apology, so needless to say we can't get them out before Christmas. I will never buy from them again as they don't care about the customer experience.

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Top 160 Shutterfly Reviews (12)

Carol von Pittsburgh, PAVerified Reviewer

Original review: December 17, 2022


I've dealt with Shutterfly in the past and all went well. This year I decided to make another calendar and get 8 of them. I spent a few days building and saving my project. The project is saved but gone. I was able to retrieve it after waiting several hours to get a live person to fix things. I paid extra for shipping to get the calendars and get tracking. Shutterfly emailed me three times saying they had sent the calendars. Since I had tracking, I knew they didn't have it.

When I called they admitted they had a printing delay and the calendars didn't even print. After spending hours on hold, I was able to make sure the calendars were printed and mailed. Then they sent me one calendar instead of five. I got stuck with their "chat" so again I had to wait a long time to speak to a real person. They cannot contact their printing department so no sure word on when my calendars will be out. I think they have gotten worse in recent years.

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A. V. aus Cape Coral, FLVerified Reviewer

Solution Response: December 15, 2022

Was able to get a full refund after staying in chat for over an hour. They wanted to send me a replacement product and didn't want to pay for me to send the defective product back so they refunded me 100% after chatting for over an hour. I appreciate that, but being in the chat for over an hour is ridiculous.

Original review: December 15, 2022

I ordered two custom Christmas ornaments which were photos of my two dogs and they were glitter dots glued onto the photo so you can't even see the photos of the dogs! I tried contacting customer service and no one answered. I have emailed them and I hope they will reply. However, to be on the safe side, I dispute the charges on my credit card. It is so disappointing that such a large company is unable to respond and provide adequate customer service. I will not order from them again!

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Top 160 Shutterfly Reviews (13)

Deb von Peoria, AZVerified ReviewerVerified buyer

Original review: December 4, 2022

I ordered 150 photos to work on grandkids photo albums and every single one had scratches. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is a joke since you have to pay for return shipping!! The guarantee should also include return shipping. Apparently there was something in the printer that scratched each of them! You have lost my future business!! Stay away!

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Top 160 Shutterfly Reviews (14)

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Judy aus Brookfield, WIVerified Reviewer

Original review: November 29, 2022

I had been trying to select and fix images for an 8x11 personalized calendar for 5 days. I kept getting the message that the images were blurry. I had it in my shopping cart and spent hours every day fixing it. The price had always been $17.99. It is very tedious and time consuming to select and download photos. I used to use with no problems, but unfortunately they were bought out by another company and are no longer in business. I finally got it done so the images were as clear as possible. Imagine my dismay when I checked out and the price had increased to $22.99. I chatted live with them and was told that prices could go up at any time and there was nothing they could do. I told her I thought it was because today is Cyber ​​Monday and they are trying to rip people off. I told her I would use another company because that is ridiculous!

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Shutterfly is an internet-based photo printing company based in Redwood City, California. It helps customers keep memories through unique gifts and prints featuring their personal photos. Shop and personalize creations such as photo books, cards and stationery, prints, calendars, gifts, decorations and more. Shutterfly also lets you create private group sharing sites for your photos.

  • Print savings plans:Shutterfly's annual printing plan costs $29.99 per year and gives you a 30 percent savings on unlimited prints all year long. Prepaid Portrait plans allow you to collect printing credits that you can redeem for professional-quality prints, saving you up to 40 percent. Prepaid 4x6 plans let you buy 4x6 prints for nine cents each. All plan details and prices are available online.

  • Personalized gifts:Personalize gifts with your photos and monogrammed text. Popular items include travel mugs, jewelry, glass prints, and fleece blankets. Choose from Shutterfly's latest gift ideas like bookmarks, custom phone cases, personalized frames and more. A full list of gifts with prices for each item is available online.

  • Home Decor Prints:With Shutterfly, you can personalize home decor by using your photos on things like canvas prints, pillows, custom frames, and Christmas stockings. Create wall art with photo canvases and metal print wall art, and print your photos onto wood paneling for a unique look. All setup options and prices are listed online.

  • Share Pages:Create a private (or public) website with your personal photos to share with selected friends and family members. Customize your website with themes and layouts, share news and add videos or calendars. Share sites are accessible on any mobile device to view and manage your site on the go.

  • Special offers:Shutterfly's website is full of promotions and daily offers like free shipping, discounts on various items, and new customer offers. Each promotion comes with a promo code to enter at checkout.

Top 160 Shutterfly Reviews (15)

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