The most common slack problems and how to fix them | Digital trends (2023)

Even if you know everyoneBEST slack -tipsYou can still encounter bad problems. If you work from home or if Slack is simply the best way to communicate with your employees, you know how important it is that the app runs smoothly.


  • Trouble to connect to slack
  • Too many notifications
  • Audio problems in slack calls
  • Search for a certain message (among the many you receive)
  • Notifications that remain even after checking their messages
  • Slack doesn't seem to update properly
  • Slack refuses to work because it thinks my device is jailbreak
  • My company monitors the sack activity to measure productivity and I have to look busy

But in the event that this is not the case, we have your back. In this guide we take a look at five of the most common slack problems and show you how to repair you so that you can put your working day back into operation.

Trouble to connect to slack

The most common slack problems and how to fix them | Digital trends (1)

One of the most common problems in slack is connectivity and while there are cases of theThe entire platform is belowConnectivity problems not only come from worldwide failures, it is also possible that your connection problems will be at the end. If you have problems connecting to slack, you must first check your own connection. Check your connection by tryingAnother website in your browser. Slack also recommends checking your connection to his service by using your own connecting test that can be

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If your connection passes the two above tests, it is likely that Slack will suffer its own platform -wide failure, and you have to wait until Slack dissolves it. You can confirm such a failure by visiting aWebsite like DowndetectorIn this way you can look up the current failure status of services such as Slack.Lack tooHas its own status manager.

If your connection is the problem, you have to reset your internet connection and then restart slack. In most cases, this should solve your connectivity problem.

Too many notifications

The most common slack problems and how to fix them | Digital trends (2)

They are currently inscribed in the Slack Workspace of their company and were invited to a series of channels so that they can keep up with the event at their job.Says something, even if it has nothing to do with them, are a few ways to reduce them. The three most effective methods are: do not disturb, let a channel or bumble a channel.

The activation of the "DE not DEDITION) function is great if you have to temporarily mute all notifications. Select yoursProfile pictureSymbol in the upper right corner of your screen and chooseBreak notificationsSelect your desired period for which notifications would like to pause in the pop-up menu displayed.

You can only leave a channel if you think most of the messages do not really affect you. If you want to leave a channel, just click on the name of the channel in your sidebar and select the offLeave channelOption from the displayed menu. You can also leave a channel by navigating to this channel and then clicking on theShow channel detailsIcon in the upper right corner of this channel. This symbol looks like a circle with a "I". Then click on theMoreSymbol. Select in the displayed pop-up menuLeave #-Schannel.You should be able to join the channel again if you have to do this later.

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You also have the option of breastfeeding a channel. If you mute a channel, you will not receive any notifications of it in situations in which you are mentioned.Right -click the sidebar with the name of a channel and select themSilent/silent ChannelOption from the menu that appears.Show channel detailsSymbol and then click on theMoreSymbol. Select in the displayed pop-up menuSilent/rampant #-Shannel.

Audio problems in slack calls

Perhaps you have a slacky video call, but you have difficulty hearing people at the other end, or you have difficulty hearing them. If you are problematic with audio with your calls, you can try out some methods for troubleshooting.

  • According to Slack's help centerYou have four options if you set up calls via the Slack -Desktop -app: Check the audio settings of your call in the app, the restart of the app, the check of the audio settings of your device or the update of the audio drivers of your device.Check audio settings of your call in the Slack app by selecting the call windowGangSymbol. There you should confirm that the correct input/output devices are selected.
  • You can also restore the slack app (or restart your device) to determine whether this helps the problem. As possible, you also want to check your device's audio settings to ensure that your hardware is not steamed there and that slack access to yourMicrophone received it as possible, you would like to consider updating the audio drivers of your device if you are not up to date.

Search for a certain message (among the many you receive)

The most common slack problems and how to fix them | Digital trends (3)

If you are looking for a certain slack message, scrolling through your channels can seem discouraging. But you don't have to live like this. You can search for a message at any time by using the search field on the top of the screenYou also access filters and modifiers with which you can narrow down your results through things like humans, channels or periods.

And as a preventive measure against this slack problem, you can also set important messages to the top of a conversation or channel so that you or others can check it later.More actions(Three vertical points) icon that appears.

Select thePIN to the channelOption from this menu.BlumeSymbol at the top of the channel or conversation.

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Notifications that remain even after checking their messages

The most common slack problems and how to fix them | Digital trends (4)

Usually you can click on your news alarm and see you when reading the message how you disappear, but sometimes this does not happen. If you have a notification, you can update the warnings. This can only be done if you delete the cache of the app, so that all persistent notifications are wiped out and at the same time refreshes the ability for normal functioning. We searched the auxiliary center for the steps to do this on the desktop.Androidand iOS apps.

In the Slack -Desktop -app you can delete your cache by clicking on theThree horizontal linesSize in the upper left corner of your screen. Then selectHelp> Delete error> delete cache and restart.

In the gap Android App, Click on thatOfSyal symbol in the lower right corner of your screen. Then selectSettings> Extended> Reset the cache.BeatAndconfirm.

For the iOS Slack app, you actually visit your iOS devicesIdeasApp.In Select SelectSlack> Cache reset the next startThen open the slack app again.

Slack doesn't seem to update properly

If you do not receive updates as you expected and Slack do not automatically register new messages, you probably have a slack problem with webocket connections. In this case you often see a message with the inscription "Last updated before less than oneMinute ... "

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As a rule, webocket connections are supported, although some network administrators may have rules that prohibit this. Try to restart slack as we mentioned above and check whether the problem is fixed. Start your device completeNew if it stays.

If you continue to encounter this error and error, contact your network administrator and inform you about the problem. Slack asks you to send net protocol to document this problem so that it can be examined more precisely.

Slack refuses to work because it thinks my device is jailbreak

If your device is actually jailbreak, Slack is programmed so that it does not work, but this problem occurs frequently when Slack believes that a device is jailbreak if it really is not, this is often a problem with certain settingsthat has selected telephones for work.So apply all outstanding updates to the Slack app and contact your system administrator or manager.

My company monitors the sack activity to measure productivity and I have to look busy

This problem began to occur more often in pandemic closures, and as a company afterwards to a hybrid workplace. This is not finally a problem with how Slack works, and there are no practical problems. In contrast to some apps, slack does not allow much to adapt to yourCurrent status. If you are online but are currently not active in slack, your status is displayed.To download the app to as many devices as possible and ensure that you are always registered at one where you are.

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