The 75 best Who am I riddles that are pure fun (2023)

There is no better way to entertain yourself, learn and sharpen your logical thinking skills than by solving riddles.

And the more variety in your puzzle bucket, the better.

In this article we have come up with the most unique and best who am I riddles you can ever find on the internet.

They are balanced, short, and well-crafted for individuals as well as groups and families with children in the game.

When you are up and ready for itPut your brain into turbo modeand laugh about it, then let's dive in.

The riddle of a god planet

Riddle #1:In olden times I was a god. I'm a planet today and people use me to take temperatures. Who am I?

Answer:i am mercury

Mercury was a god in the Roman Empire. Today it is one planet. And the substance in the thermometer is used to measure body and surface temperature.

Who am I riddle

Puzzle:I am my mother's child. I am my father's child. But I'm not someone's son. Who am I?

Answer:A daughter.

A Mother's Riddle

Puzzle:I am a mother. I have no son or daughter of my own. I have no husband. Who am I?

Answer:i am mother earth

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Round with corners

Puzzle:I am round and have four corners. I freeze at one point and cook at the same time at the other. I am dark on one half and light on the other. Who am I?

Answer:I am planet earth.

Five Letter Word

Puzzle:I am a 5 letter word. Remove the first letter and I am a Middle Eastern country. Remove the first two letters and I becomes the opposite of the original word. Who am I?

Answer:I am a woman.

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born of water,

Puzzle:I was born of water, but when my life comes to an end I am water. Who am I?

Answer:i am ice

erase errors

Puzzle:My friends make mistakes and I get rid of them every time. Who am I?

Answer:i am an eraser

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A long-distance traveller

Puzzle:I have a source. I have a mouth too. I travel all the time and never stop. Who am I?

Answer:i am a river

The mystery less is more

Puzzle:The more you have of me, the less you see. The less you have of me, the more you see. Who am I?

Answer:I am darkness

protection of life

Puzzle:I save you from drowning. My first four letters describe all living things and my last five letters mean your protection. Who am I?

Answer:I'm a lifeguard.

Visible Invisibility

Puzzle:When I'm visible, you can't see me. When I'm not visible you can see everything else. Children are always afraid of me. Who am I?

Answer:I am darkness

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Cut, wash, massage

Puzzle:I cut. I wash. I massage sometimes. Everyone has to take off their hats in front of me. Who am I?

Answer:i am a hairdresser

The mystery of black and white

Puzzle:I am white. i am black too I'm fast and people mistake me for a horse and a donkey. Who am I?

Answer:i am a zebra

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king of the jungle

Puzzle:Some people call me king. I am a symbol of power and domino control. I'm not the greatest, but I rule the wild. Who am I?

Answer:i am the lion

Sell ​​Windows

Puzzle:I make a lot of money selling my windows to people all over the world. However, you cannot touch and feel them. Who am I?

Answer:I am microsoft inc

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treasure chest

Puzzle:I am a box without a lock and key. Within me lies a golden treasure wrapped in white linen. Who am I?

Answer:i am an egg

laughter and deceit

Puzzle:I laugh like you. People associate me with greed and cunning in riddles, stories and folklore. I come blotchy and limp. Who am I?

Answer:i am a hyena

Mystery of the Invisible Millions

Puzzle:I'm invisible to human eyes, but we live in millions. We are available everywhere. I can make you sick and sometimes kill you. Who am I?

Answer:i am a germ

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friendship and gifts

Puzzle:Red and white is my color. I laugh with a "ho". I give gifts once a year. I have a reputation for rewarding well behaved children. Who am I?

Answer:I'm Santa Claus.

One bird, one country and one people

Puzzle:i am a bird We are people from a country in the east. i am a fruit Who am I?

Answer:i am kiwi

Odd number Even number

Puzzle:I'm an odd number. I am prime Remove the first two letters I'm about to. Who am I?

Answer:I am eleven.

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give life

Puzzle:I am beautiful. I give life You can look at me when I'm young and when I'm old, but not when I'm middle-aged. Who am I?

Answer:i am the sun

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Who am I riddle

Puzzle:You grew up in my house before anyone knew you. I fed you for months. And in my house you played like any other child. Who am I?

Answer:I am the womb.

money paradox

Puzzle:I'm doing well. I can be wicked in the wrong hands. Many people believe that I am the source of all evil in the world. Who am I?

Answer:i am money

Walls have ears

Puzzle:I hear everything around me but I never say a word. Who am I?

Answer:i am an ear

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My sister, don't

Puzzle:You are my sister but I am not your sister. However, we are siblings. Who am I?

Answer:I am your brother.

i am a father

Puzzle:i am a father I have many children. Everyone respects me and comes to me for advice. But I have no children of my own. Who am I?

Answer:I am a catholic father.

invisible man

Puzzle:you can feel me you hear me pass You can see the direction I'm going, but you can't see me. Who am I?

Answer:i am the wind

Winged Baby

Puzzle:i'm just a baby I carry an arrow and armor. i have wings I target people and when I do, they're always glad I did it. Who am I?

Answer:i am cupid

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A god of the evil planet

Puzzle:I am a planet - one of the largest and most beautiful. I am a god of olden times. Believers around the world curse me every day. Who am I?

Answer:i am saturn

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The Riddle of a Morning Star

Puzzle:I am the morning star i am a planet I am a goddess of beauty and love. Who am I?

Answer:i am venus

There you have our full list of who am I riddles.

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