The 13 best meeting rooms for rent in the Klang Valley (2023)

The 13 Best Meeting Rooms for Rent in Klang Valley

The 13 best meeting rooms for rent in the Klang Valley (1)

A change in the meeting environment can help make the meeting more productive for the team.

Meetings are the norm in every company, but sometimes some important meetings need to be held outside the company. And when you have such an event to organize, where will you host the meeting? Whichmeeting room for rent in Kuala Lumpurit is better?

You've probably asked your colleagues for suggestions and received all kinds of venue names, but the problem is that you still don't have a good idea if these meeting venues are really a good fit for your cause. Especially when you haven't been to most of these places, simply choosing a location blindly seems like a risky thing to do.

That's why a list ofKL meeting room for rentexists to facilitate scheduling a meeting. With our 13 best meeting rooms for rent in Klang Valley, you can confidently book a meeting place without a second thought, knowing more about the corporate meeting venue options available - let's go!

1) AOne Space

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a ready eventmeeting room for rentin the AOne Space.

A spaceaims to make meetings a less stressful experience and it shows in the venue setup - with readily arranged chairs and tables, as well as well-maintained and prepared ahead of time equipment and facilities, you'll find this venue ready for events even before you make a reservation.

Located in Selangor, this event space has hosted various types of events: product launches, seminars, meetings, parties, workshops, lectures, classes and meetings included. They also have a dedicated team to help you with food or if you have questions and issues about the AOne Space facilities during your meeting - definitely an A-One meeting venue (read: excellent)!

2) Space U+

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You can also host a meeting about beanbags at U+ Space!

U+ spaceit's all about you – that's what inspires the place to be called U+ Space (basically, you and the space). This cool event space can cater for all types of small to mid-sized meetings and events, so hosting your company meeting here will be a refreshing change of scenery.

There are different types of rooms available - you can choose to have your meeting classroom style or long table style depending on your needs. If you and your team prefer a super casual environment to brainstorm or discuss things, go for the open space with comfy beanbags!

3) Sandbox Coworking space

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Sandbox Space has different sized meeting areas to cater for various meeting crowds.

If you're looking for a fun place to discuss your meeting agenda for the first time, look no further thanSandbox Space!

This coworking space is located in Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur and like all coworking spaces,Sandbox Sri Petalingit has dedicated tables for individual users to rent short to long term, meeting rooms for companies to hold meetings and discussions and also common areas for events such as lectures, workshops and meetings.

What makes Sandbox Space a desirable place to host a meeting is the fact that you'll have access to multiple facilities to keep you and your team on top of your discussions. The venue offers 300 Mbps WiFi, free coffee and tea to fuel your brain, business class photocopier, phone booths, showers and locker rentals (in case you need to cool off with a shower). Parking isn't an issue either - how convenient overall!

4) Retrospace

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Get some retro vibes when you do Retrospace meetings!

How about a retro touch to spice up your boring meetings? You can definitely get into such a retro environment inbackspace!

This event space in Seri Kembangan, Selangor is amazingly designed to ooze fun memories from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s so that even the most boring events don't get too boring there. With black chairs, a checkered floor, minimalist colors on the walls and curtains, and three types of lighting to brighten the room, Retrospace's overall atmosphere makes it an ideal setting.meeting room for rent in KL.

Take your pick from different seating and room arrangements, from theater seating to large meeting seating. You can also book the outside veranda if you want to discuss or meet with your team outdoors. Their facilities are up to date, new and event ready, so this location will not disappoint!

5) A&C Flamingo Studio

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A peek into one of the rooms at the A&C Flamingo Studio.

is located at Cheras Center Point, Medan Connaught, Kuala Lumpur. This event space is the ideal place to go if you need a simple and clean venue for your meeting, surrounded by restaurants for your dining convenience.

The A&C Flamingo Studio provides all the basic needs to run your events or meetings smoothly, successfully and on point - its PA system is up to date with projectors, well maintained chairs and tables to spruce up the space. They also have a small pantry for people to relax and freshen up a bit, order food for a meal break or hire their catering service.

Another perk of this event space would be free parking in the building, so say goodbye to parking hassles!


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SVOFO specializes in the leasing of spaces for business events.

SVOFO… wait, how do you pronounce that? S-Vo-Fo? Swo-Fo? Regardless of what you decide to call this place, SVOFO is an idealmeeting room for rentif you are looking for an experienced business space provider that is situated in a prime location of Sunway Nexis Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

At SVOFO, there are many rooms available to meet the different needs of your business events. This location has played host to business previews, business talks, training, meetings, conferences, product launches, workshops and much more.

The best part is that SVOFO offers an all-in-one price for renting meeting rooms equipped with facilities such as a projector and screen, PA system, internet, as well as tables and chairs. And with them upholding the slogan “Success Made in Here”, you can expect nothing less from SVOFO in terms of making your meeting a successful event!

7) Tuofeilun

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Host your meeting in style at Tuofeilun.

Have you ever thought about organizing a business meeting in an absolutely elegant environment? No, it's not a dream and it's definitely possible, in a premium style commercial facility called Tuofeilun, a first in Malaysia!

This exclusive 28,000 square foot establishment offers CEOs, businessmen and businesspeople a luxurious environment in which to discuss all things work or just relax after a busy day. Decorated like an exclusive club, you can get things done and hold an important meeting in exclusive office spaces and meeting suites, or discuss business matters in the casual and elegant meeting lounges and private bar.

Whatever you have in mind, Tuofeilun aims to provide you with the best space and high quality facilities for maximum productivity and creativity to keep you moving forward. If you're looking for a mix of high-end business and a high-end leisure environment, Tuofeilun is the perfect deal!

8) UnionSPACE

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Part of the event space with a huge UnionSPACE sign.

Welcome to Malaysia's first Digital Hub award-winning coworking space,UnionSPACE! Many event and meeting planners want flexibility when renting space and UnionSPACE has listened to them, hence the event space's ability to cater for flexible solutions for the different needs of every group of people – freelancers, startups and small and medium-sized businesses. .

This venue is a great place for brainstorming, meetings and discussions - you can choose to have a large meeting in an open area or opt for a confined but cozy meeting space in one of the designated rooms. You can also organize meetings, internal team building and parties here - endless event possibilities on UnionSPACE!

9) Tapak Event Space

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You can host your meeting in a square-shaped seating arrangement in the Tapak Event Space.

Tapak Event Spaceis a lovely event space in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor and this venue has all the necessities to make your meetings and events a successful venture. Your affordable meeting room rental package includes an upgraded PA system, tables and chairs (along with tablecloths if you need them), whiteboard and projection screen. You can bring your own projector or consider renting one there.

The Tapak Event Space is one of theKL meeting room for rentas the ample event space is clean and tidy, serving as an ideal blank canvas for you to organize whatever meetings and meetings you desire. Coupled with their efficient and friendly customer service, it's no wonder this location is one of the popular hangouts in Klang Valley!

10) Torre GFG Klang

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Whether it's a small intimate gathering or a large gathering, G-Space at GFG Tower Klang can cater your space to your liking!

Welcome to G-Space atGFG Tower Klang! This co-working space and business center is a favorite hangout for the local neighborhood - with 6 different types of meeting rooms for hire and work desks for hire for events and seminars, the G-Space at GFG Tower Klang is quite a versatile place, perfect for your meetings, meetings and discussions.

Enjoy the various facilities they have to offer while you rent a space there! Rest and nap between hours in your lovely Leisure Room, or treat yourself to a coffee or tea break in your Cozy Pantry. The venue also comes with high-speed WiFi, CCTV surveillance, complete work facilities, free snacks and drinks, making G-Space a convenient place to work and meet!

11) Space H

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A look into one of the H Space meeting rooms.

Space His a coworking, meeting and event space comprised of three different outlets – you can find H Space in Bandar Utama, Kota Damansara and Bangsar South. Each of these stores is an interesting place to be, each with its own interior design that simply inspires visitors who drop by for work or call in for a meeting there.

Choose from the calm and rustic ambience of Bandar Utama's workspace, the artistic and sophisticated space of the Kota Damansara venue or the simple, brightly lit but tastefully decorated environment of the Bangsar South outlet. With comfortable workplaces, state-of-the-art event facilities and equipment, and excellent on-site support, keeping your focus and productivity onSpace H Kota Damansarait will become second nature!

12) MyInternetEvents

The 13 best meeting rooms for rent in the Klang Valley (13)

MyInternetEvents meeting rooms are ideal for small to medium-sized audiences.

MyInternetEventsis a training space created with the sole purpose of providing accessible and fully equipped air-conditioned halls for meeting and event organizers to host lectures, discussions, workshops and so on. MyInternetEvents has three branches in total - Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Penang.

The best thing about MyInternetEvents is that the location is surrounded by convenience stores, lots of parking spaces, restaurants and close to shopping areas. If you get tired of staying in one place during your meeting or discussion and need to stretch your legs a bit, you can easily take a short walk and grab a few small bites in the area.

13) Space for Fun Events

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See the beautiful expansive space that the Fun Fun Event Space has to offer!

Space for Fun Eventsis sweet event space from Legumes, a full-service event planning company known for its vast experience in catering for events large and small. This event space serves as an ideal venuemeeting room for rent in KLfor small to medium-sized business events such as training seminars, classes, meetings, lectures, workshops or product launches.

At the Fun Fun Event Space, you can host a group of around 150 seated guests and up to 300 standing guests at a time for meetings, discussions and gatherings. The venue is fully equipped with an in-house sound system and AV equipment, with tables and chairs, ambient lighting and all the event necessities to make your meetings run smoothly.

Fun Fun Event Space is located in Bandar Puteri, Puchong, Selangor, so if you are looking for a meeting place for rent in that area, give Fun Fun Event Space a try!


Have you been to all 13 of the top 13 meeting rooms listed for rent in Klang Valley? If you haven't already, consider going to these aforementioned locations when planning to organize an offsite meeting.

And if you've rented one of these places, let us know your thoughts on the space in the comments below – feedback is always welcome!

That's all about our recommendations, I hope you found this article useful! If you like our meeting room compilation, spread the word – like, share and comment!

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