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We cover all suburbs of the sunshine coast

All carpets offer carpet margins for their loose and "Baggy" flip in their house or office. At all -carpets we employ a team of technicians who have specialized in professional carpet stretching and are suitable for almost every carpet style and trained to use a variety of cleaning techniques and devices and use a wide range of tools and equipment of the highest quality.
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All carpets can help you

  • Brigated carpet new
  • Refrinded carpet
  • Fold the wrinkle carpet new
  • Retermine carpet bodies
  • Return carpet waves
  • Retermine rejected carpet
  • Repair carpet edge
  • Stretch carpet

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The envelope of carpets is necessary if your carpets are loose and "baggy". Reflections remove and improve the appearance of your carpets. We can also repair seams, burning stains, patch holes and install new metals in which carpet and tiles meet.A new service for removing Red Flecken is now also available.

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The retention is used for loose and wrinkled carpets. As in a facelifting, the step backwards makes the carpets tight again. This also extends the life of the carpet by eliminating wrinkles, which can cause the carpet to be faster from the constant andHer bend decreases, the appearance when they have occurred, and also reduces the risk of stumbling on the loose material.

In both cases, the goal of the carpet is to prevent premature wear, reduce the risk of triggering and to improve the unsightly appearance of the carpet concerned as much as possible.

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We cover all suburbs of the sunshine coast

Stretch the carpet on the sunshine coast (8)Our customers often describe carpets that have to stretch as "wrinkled" or sometimes as "wavy".

The correct term for this state is "abundance" and is usually remedied by restricting the carpet from a professional carpet fitter.

Usually we will bring the carpet to the edge on the edges, carry out the carpet duration by using a kicker carpet binding and then fitting the carpet and cutting off the excess carpet.

In extreme cases, it can be better for us to use a carpet power supply to achieve a good result.

Stretch the carpet on the sunshine coast (9)In both cases, the goal of the carpet is to prevent premature wear, reduce the risk of triggering and to improve the unsightly appearance of the carpet concerned as much as possible.

It is invisible that the carpet heap can be glued to the surface of the carpet.

Carpet power stretch

Stretch the carpet on the sunshine coast (10)The carpet trees from wall to wall make your home more comfortable and offers your feet soft comfort and noise reduction in your house.

An installation that many people choose uses a professional power supply tool. All tappet engineers use the state -of -the -art technology to fit your wall perfectly in your house.Pattern in your home.

Retfect carpet

Stretch the carpet on the sunshine coast (11)Even carpets that are cleaned regularly suffer from daily wear, and sometimes unsightly waves, waves or lumps can occur in their carpet. All carpets know that these changes in their carpet can take away from the general beauty of their house, and they knowMore than anyone else, how easy it is to stumble over a lumpy carpet.

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All professionally trained technicians from carpets come to your home and take care of this unattractive risk of triggering, which has been driven with our newecover technology. Once we use our state -of -the -art power machine to pull your carpet up on the edges, and make your floorAgain to a smooth surface.

If it's time for stretching, call all carpets!

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Call us now! 1300 558 509

We cover all suburbs of the sunshine coast

We wear documents and carpet gripes, etc. at all times if they are needed.

Stair carpet repair

Loose stair carpet can sometimes be repaired simply by continuing the carpet onto the carpet gripper.

Individual profiles that are worn can also be replaced without having to replace the carpet on the entire staircase flight, which extends the lifespan of the carpet. If you repair stair carpets in this way, you must use a replacement carpet for repair.

Repair of carpets

Your carpet may have been shared or maybe the carpet has come away from the metal connection strip under the door. With split seams, these can sometimes be repaired by broken down and redesigned.

Carpets that have come away from door specimens can sometimes be used by stretching and repairing a few times by inserting slightly wider door bars.

Tackage adjustment / laying (new and used)

We are very happy to offer you just a carpet for carpets for carpets that you may have already acquired from another source.

  • We do not sell or deliver carpets. We only adapt carpets that people already have. Please do not call us if you want to buy a new carpet.
  • In contrast to many carpet assemblies that only fit new carpets, we have nothing against adapting used carpets.
  • You may have bought a new carpet from an internet supplier or a carpet dealer who does not offer a carpet adaptation service.
  • You may receive a used carpet or want to raise an existing carpet from a room and need a carpet montor to revise it elsewhere in your home. Example replace a worn stair carpet.
  • Perhaps their builders were and are gone. A carpet miter is needed to re-promote the existing carpet, which they have pulled up or poorly equipped.
  • Move carpets from space to space and new carpets, after other craftsmen (electric, plumber, decorator, woodworm / dam drum treatment, etc.) have ended their work, together about half of our suitable workload with carpets.

We cover all suburbs of the sunshine coast

frequently asked Questions


Do you help my carpet, wrinkles and wavy can you repair it?

Yes, we offer a service called Carpet Stretching, for example we take the carpet on the edges, which carry out the carpet through with a kicker carpet or a carpet power stretcher that is needed on what is needed, and then the carpet againRecord and cut the excess carpet, if necessary.


Why do I need a specialist to re -stretch my carpet?

The carpet stretch is not something that you can do yourself, you need the right tools and knowledge that we can provide!

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Do I have to make the whole room?

Yes, the procedure only works properly if the entire room is carried out.


Do I have to remove all furniture for the room?

Yes, you have to remove all the furniture because we have to lift the wool carpet.


Do you help me move my furniture?

No, we don't make Move Furniture, but we can help you with small items, but you have to move the furniture before we arrive.


How can I otherwise prepare my carpet before meeting?

For the best results, remove all furniture and objects from the room.This also helps if you vacuum in advance.


How is the carpet painted again?

We use special tools to reject the carpet along all edges. Then we fit it in corners and walls and then stick it down again and stumble on all edges.

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How long does the procedure take?

The procedure takes an average of two hours, at some point more and sometimes less, depending on the work.


Will you cut my carpet?

Not always, but only if necessary. As sometimes after we have stretched your carpet, we have to cut it off at the edges to promote it. If the procedure is complete, your carpet looks brand new again !!


How do you calculate a carpet stretch?

We calculate the defense over the size of the room in which the carpet is located.


How many people are needed to carry out the carpet resistance process?

The stretching of carpets can drop from a man, even if the job is big.


Do I have to wait for the glue to dry before I can withdraw my furniture and go on it?

No! There is no waiting time. You can withdraw furniture and go to it immediately after the order!


Are there carpets that you can't work with?

We can work with any kind of carpet!

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Can you expand carpets for large commercial areas?

Yes, we can do some job, whether big or small. We have worked with many large trading rooms and have years of experience with stretch routes.


Do I have to be at home that day you expand or repair my carpet again?

No, you don't have to be at home.


Should I clean my carpet before or after the resumption?

If you plan to have stretched out and clean your carpet again, you have to have the cleaning carried out after the offspring of your carpet (you cannot clean before), it is a great idea to clean your carpet after you have been re -striped andWe ask people to use the fact that all furniture is from the room and the room is open and ready to go!

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We cover all suburbs of the sunshine coast.

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To arrange your cleaning date or receive a free cost estimate, please call 1300 558 509 or use the online demand form on the top of the page.

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Software for managing field services

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