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  1. You must create an original paragraph based on what you found in the literature. Meanwhile, you don't have enough time to rephrase it manually.
  2. You want to change the tone or style of a paragraph you've written.
  3. In the case of an order, you must create an indirect quotation, i. H. express an author's idea in their own words.
  4. You need to make minor changes to a piece of text, changing around 20 to 40 percent of its words. Sometimes it makes sense to do it paragraph by paragraph.

📑 What is a paragraph in academic writing?

In each text is a paragraphSet of related sentences on the same topic. It ispart of your argument. Used with correct punctuation, paragraphs create a structure that is essential in scholarly writing.

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The basic rule of writing paragraphs is to dedicate each of them to just one idea.

Each time you move on to a new thought, you should start a new line.

But there can be an idea with multiple sets of supporting information in a single paragraph. How can you tell if it's the same or a new topic? A paragraph can have multiple dots if they relate to the general idea of ​​the line. If the points are too long, it is better to explain them in separate paragraphs.

4 characteristics of a good heel

Diploma relatedAll sentences refer to the papersclosing statementor central idea.
CoherentAll sentences are structured logically. They follow a standard development plan. For example, a paragraph begins with a topical sentence, followed by several arguments and supporting evidence, and ends with a summary sentence.
RoundedThe idea of ​​the paragraph is correctly explained and backed up with facts and evidence. In turn, the combination of these details explains the idea of ​​the paragraph.
UndividedUnity is the be-all and end-all of a good paragraph. All sentences should relate to a single central idea (which you have identified in the topic sentence). When you come up with new ideas, start a new line.

🧱 Basic paragraph structure

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Academic writing allows for longer and more developed paragraphs than many other genres. Nevertheless, the simplest and generally acceptedFormulais described below.

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main clause

This introductory lineopens your idea to the reader. It's similar to a movie preview that explains the overall message without providing details.A theme setshould contain the point you wish to make regarding the topic. Identical to a closing sentence, it is a summary of the paragraph.

If you are an experienced writer, you can move the topic sentence to the front of the paragraph. It doesn't necessarily have to be the first. However, never use a clear idea here as it will not catch the reader's attention.

Supporting Sentences

These sentences should benetworked and coherent. The worst thing you can do is fill a paragraph body with random facts without proper explanation. Here's how to avoid this.

Fora five paragraph essay, the order of your supporting sentences should be like this:

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  • The first sentence of this part elaborates on the subject,
  • The second gives an example
  • the third sentence explains it.

However, for other academic papers, you can increase the number of sentences for a long paragraph. For more information on this structure, see the next section, "Write a Perfect Paragraph in 5 Steps."

final sentence

It reinforces (and not just reformulates) the idea of ​​the topic sentence andties everything together. It should also confirm the above discussion and remind the reader of how it relates to the thesis assertion. Never contradict your supporting evidence here (e.g. by beginning the final sentence with "nevertheless"). Instead, you could predict what is to come in the following line.

👣 Write a perfect paragraph in 5 steps

  1. Formulate the main idea in the topic sentence.
    It is a label or flag of your paragraph. Anything after that should logically follow that sentence.
    For example, corgis can be easily trained due to their herding past.
  2. Develop the main idea.
    The following sentence should contain an explanation, related statement, or implication of the topic line. It highlights the importance of your idea and outlines the direction of further thinking.
    For example, they have been used as shepherds since the 10th century and have learned to obey humans over the centuries.
  3. past life.
    Illustrate the previous two sentences with facts, data, statistics, or other knowledge.
    For example, because of their short legs, corgis could bite the ankles of cows, but could not be kicked by the cattle in retaliation.
  4. Explain the examples.
    It's the most challenging part. Explain how the example relates to the central idea and why you used it in the first place.
    For example, their physical attributes made them good shepherds.
  5. Draw the line under the controlling idea.
    Remind your reader that this information is relevant throughout the paper. You could also give a reconciliation to the following paragraph.
    For example, the herding "career" turned corgis into professional human assistants, but at the same time gave them some negative traits.

paragraph example

Here's what we have if you follow the steps outlined above:


Corgis are easily trained due to their herding past. They have been used as shepherds since the 10th century and have learned to obey the people over the centuries. Because of their short legs, corgis could bite the ankles of cows, but could not be kicked by the cattle in retaliation. Therefore, their physical qualities made them good shepherds. As a result, the herding "career" turned corgis into professional human assistants, but at the same time endowed them with some negative traits.

👌 Paragraph Rewriting: Problems & Solutions

Sometimes you have to rewrite a paragraph to get rid of its disadvantages. Below we explain when it may be necessary and how you could do itdo it in the most efficient way.

A paragraph to paraphrase


Your corgi's boredom becomes destructive if left without human company for more than several hours. You will not be able to work full-time with a dog of this breed. If your schedule is unpredictable and you spend most of the day outdoors, your dog's independent spirit will ruin your space. Consider adopting another, "low maintenance" breed that requires less attention.

Problem Nr. 1:
No theme set.
It is the most common error in paragraph structure. Our section begins with an example. Therefore, the main idea of ​​the text from the passage remains unclear.
Problem Nr. 2:
No examples.
It's another critical issue that degrades your reasoning. It's better to delete the whole paragraph than just give a list of statements with no structure.
Problem Nr. 3:
It needs transitions.
Our example is too abrupt. The reader cannot find out what ideas preceded or followed this abstract. It is also not clear whether the paragraph contains an argument or a counter-argument.

A rewritten paragraph


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Corgis are difficult to house because they need a lot of physical and emotional stimulation to thrive. Your corgi's boredom becomes destructive if left without human company for more than several hours. For example, you may have to choose between a full-time job and your furniture, shoes, books, and even household appliances. If your schedule is unpredictable and you spend most of the day outdoors, your dog's independent spirit will ruin your space. They also have to spend a fortune on new toys and distractions. If it's an issue for you, consider adopting another "low maintenance" breed that requires less attention.

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❓ Frequently asked questions about rewriting paragraphs

How does a paragraph rewriter work?

This paraphrasing tool has built-in software that reads a paragraph, analyzes its meaning and structure, and creates a brand new line. It keeps the main idea and layout of the sentences, and in most cases it keeps the word count. But the words used to convey the message are different. Note that the style may change as well.

How do I rephrase a paragraph?

  1. Change the current sentence and approach the same idea from a different point.
  2. Use synonyms to paraphrase supporting sentences.
  3. Change the grammatical structure for a better result.
  4. Break long sentences into shorter ones.
  5. If you don't know how to rephrase a paragraph, you can use an online paragraph rewriter.
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How to rewrite a paragraph to avoid self-plagiarism?

  1. Read it several times to understand the main idea and its explanation.
  2. Put down the original and write down what you remember in your own words.
  3. Don't forget to keep the source structure.
  4. Compare the original to your rephrased text and find out what you missed.
  5. Add the required details.

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