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In this blog, the problem "My partner does not love me" are discussed and deals with topics like what to do if your partner does not love you, signs that show that there is no love, and a case study that different experiencesrepresented by women who have had the same problem.

Why doesn't your partner love you?

Your partner most likely does not love you because he may have your own uncertainties that you prevent you from loving.

If a person has the feeling that they are not loved, they doubt themselves and have the feeling that they are missing something, but if they haven't said it loudly, they should not accept where they are with them.

In the following you will find some signs that indicate that your partner likes you, but may not yet be "love" with you:

  • You are still not sure about your feelings for you
  • You still find out where to go
  • You have not yet introduced them to your family
  • They overlook the little things
  • You don't feel emotionally connected to you
  • They do not strive to fix problems in the relationship

Your relationship does not necessarily have to end if you believe that your partner is not in love with you. If your partner is willing to work on it, the relationship can be restored.

It is unfair to believe that the intensity of love remains constant throughout their life, the circumstances can influence their or their love.

Your love for you may have decreased over time because you may have changed without realizing it? Or do you make a bad phase in life? Maybe love is still there, but because of the current conditions you were bothpulled apart.

Before you predict that there is no love between you, you have to think that you take into account all the options that can cause the problem.

What to do if your partner doesn't love you?

Follow are the things you can do to fix this problem

Identify what has changed

If you fear that your partner has lost interest in you, the first step is to understand where this story comes from. What is the dynamic in the connection you noticed?

What are the feelings you have and what behaviors you cause? Find out, where these feelings come from and whether this is a real or perceived change, and try to think about concrete situations that show the changes you experience.

Talk to your partner about it

If you believe that the problem gets out of control, put it out. Take this to your partner's attention and tell you what you feel.

This will help you find out whether what you think is just an assumption or it is really something that has to be repaired. Before showing fingers, make sure that you have communicated the problem with you.

Decide what you want to do next

As soon as you have discussed the problem with your partner, you can both finally come to a mutual decision. It will give you clarity whether your partner is willing to make efforts or no longer invest in the relationship.

Now it is up to you how you want to continue with things. Take the first place and think if you really want to get it up to running. If your mental health bothers, it is better to let go.

Work with a therapist

If you find it difficult to get a mutual decision or not to tell your concern to your partner, you can choose professional help at any time.

A marriage therapist can help you and your partner to take a fresh start and save your relationship.

Make small changes together

As soon as you are both on the same side and are ready to save your relationship, take small steps towards change as a couple, renovation of intimacy and affection in the relationship.

Remember that this requires a lot of patience from both sides.So if you want your partner to make effort so that you feel loved, make sure you do the same.


A research was carried out in which different women shared their dividedExperiencesAnd gave her two centers about what to do if you feel like you can stop your partner, to love you.

These women indicate that, although it is natural to jump to the conclusions, and to be concerned that their relationship is in danger, they have to understand that the signs that their partner do not love them, vague and every caseis different.

Below you will find some tips that these women have given based on their experiences:

Understand that people have different love languages

No two people can be the same, everyone has their own way of thinking, has different experiences and explains different behaviors from these experiences.

For example, if you are loving and have always seen your parents like this during the adults, this does not mean that your partner may have the same experience.

He/she could have a traumatic childhood, which is why their way of loving can be different from theirs, so they have to think through before accusing them not to love them.

Remember that little things are important

Partners should represent their love for each other in more than a way they support themselves in their everyday life.

Even if one of them has reached something small, they celebrate it. Leave them special. Say them that they are proud of them, these little things in a relationship.

Determine whether it is a problem of investing or not

Make sure you both invest equally in a relationship.

If inequality has inequality in a relationship or if only efforts are made from one side, you can later have problems with self -esteem if you do not get the same from your partner.

Do not keep a scorecard

Remember, love is not a competition, you no longer have to make a number of values, but only love yourself. Love should feel and see.

However, the way they manifest it is always different; it is recognized and returned.

Note how to benefit the life of the other

They both have to have a positive effect on the life of the other. If they do not grow in a relationship, it is not a healthy relationship.

For example, you can both support the other of the other, can be an advantage for both of you as individuals.So make sure you have a list of things from which your partner benefits your life.

Accept that you will have "off" days on days and days

You should not have unrealistic expectations of a relationship, since without the heights and depths there is no relationship.

You should understand that there will be days when you don't feel good and you want your partner nearby or not. The same applies to your partner.

You will also have bad days and you may not want to be with you on these days.So make sure you understand you and give you your space.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): My partner doesn't love me

What should I do if I have the feeling that my girlfriend no longer loves me?

Sometimes people's feelings change and the relationships grow apart. This could also be due to differences between you two, maybe she no longer has the feeling that you are the right man for her.

It is difficult to accept that your partner has stopped loving you, but you have to respect your decision. Relationships cannot work.that it is saved

How can you stop taking care of someone who doesn't take care of them?

Life is short, so why someone who does not appreciate you or your feelings will be wasted? Concentrate on your own goals and things you want to achieve in life, starting off our Bucket list.

Put your love and attention to yourself before you give it to someone else, especially someone who does not know your value. At some point you will get someone who will treat you correctly.So stop worry about it and love yourself.


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