Isle of Man election: Who are the new members of the House of Keys? (2023)

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Isle of Man election: Who are the new members of the House of Keys? (1)

Isle of Man voters backed 24 candidates to represent them in the House of Keys for the next five years.

Eleven of those chosen were not part of the last government, and the remaining 13 won another mandate.

A total ofseven MHKs lost their seatsin Thursday's poll, including four government ministers.

Those elected will take office on Tuesday, but who are the new members of the island's parliament?

Arbory, Castletown e Malew

First elected to the electorate in 2016, former high school teacher Jason Moorhouse topped the polls again by over 150 votes.

For the past five years, he has worked as a member of the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and the Department of Infrastructure (DoI).

Newcomer Tim Glover was second.

He took over after working for the media for the past 25 years, with prominent roles as a TT commentator and news editor for Manx Radio.

Ayre e Michael

With one of the highest vote tallies of any candidate in this election, Alfred Cannan won the support of his constituency once again.

First elected to Michael's then-sole constituency in 2011, Cannan lost to Howard Quayle in the 2016 chief ministerial election but has been tipped by some as a candidate for the post this year.

He has served as Treasury Minister for the past five years and has been a key figure in distributing Covid-19 support packages.

President of the Manx National Farmers Union since 2019, Tim Johnston has secured over 1,200 votes and enters Manx politics after 35 years living in the rural district.

Formerly a dairy farmer in Andreas, he now runs an "arable land company" in St. Louis. Jude's.

Douglas Central

Former supplier Ann Corlett served as Counsel to Douglas in 2013 before entering national politics in the 2016 general election.

In the first five years of his term, he was a member of the Department of Education, Sport and Culture (DESC) and the DHSC.

Another successful election for Chris Thomas means he is one of the longest-serving members of the House of Keys, having been successful for the first time in a 2013 by-election.

(Video) New Chief Minister elected:House of Keys 2021

Minister for policy and reform for four years during the Quayle government, he was sacked after a row over the use of emergency powers. He also served as a member of various government departments.

Douglas Read

Manx Labor Party leader Joney Faragher became an MHK on the first try after leading the poll.

She described herself as a mother of three who works with bereaved children in primary schools across the island.

Registered nurse Clare Barber was returned for a second term by voters after being first elected in 2016.

For the past five years, she has served as a member of the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and the DHSC.

She also chaired a committee set up to investigate the future of library provision on the island.

North Douglas

David Ashford ran a successful campaign once again in Douglas North, with the health minister defending the seat he first won in 2016.

He rose to prominence as a key figure in the island's response to the Covid-19 pandemic after he was first appointed minister in 2018.

Before being MHK, Mr. Ashford was Counselor Douglas, Steward and Bar Manager.

Born in the UK but raised in South Africa, John Wannenbrugh took the second seat in the constituency, defeating incumbent Ralph Peake.

He has worked in the hospitality, events and entertainment sectors on the island for the last 15 years and runs a company that specializes in organizing after-dinner speakers.

Douglas Sul

Daughter of former MHK and MLC David Cretney, Sarah Maltby of the Manx Labor Party topped the poll by just two votes.

A senior education support worker, she said she had long coveted a seat at Casa das Chaves, wanting to follow in her father's footsteps.

Businesswoman and fashion retailer Claire Christian successfully defended her seat after being elected for the first time in a by-election last year.

During her first 13 months in office, she was a member of the DoI and DESC.


Former journalist and public servant Daphne Caine successfully defended her role and will serve for another five years after being first elected in 2016.

Since then, she has been a member of the Department of Enterprises (DfE) and campaigns for flood defenses in Laxey.

After first contesting the constituency in 1995 and again in 2016 when he narrowly lost, former accountant and businessman Andrew Smith has now fulfilled his ambition to become an MHK.

(Video) Middle: House of Keys Election 2021

He worked in the Treasury's financial services division and runs the island's smallest gas station in Laxey.

Glenfaba e Peel

Kate Lord-Brennan will move between branches of Tynwald branches after the member of the Legislative Council (LegCo) led the vote in the constituency.

The entrepreneur and founder of the Women in Business Network was first elected to LegCo in 2018 and served as a member of the DoI for one year.

Former postman Tim Crookall was first elected MHK for Peel in 2006, serving as education minister for four years from 2012.

He was promoted to LegCo in 2015 before stepping down from that role in 2020, but has now returned to the lower branch of Manx parliament.


Attorney Jane Poole-Wilson served as a member of LegCo in 2017 before successfully running for a seat at the House of Keys.

She has chaired the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs and Justice since its inception and is a defender of equality in the Government.

Former radio presenter and businessman Stu Peters entered Manx national politics on his first try.

The outspoken broadcaster was cleared by the island's media regulator for breaking rules over comments he made in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020.


Rob Callister has been a member of the Onchan Commissioners since 2011 and worked in the financial services industry before joining the House of Keys in 2016.

During his tenure, he served at the DoI, DfE and the Department for Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA), and was named the 2020 Government Children's Champion.

First elected in 2016 as a Liberal Vannin Party candidate, Julie Edge left the party after a year to become an independent MHK.

A former school business manager, during her time in politics she served as President of the Isle of Man Post Office and as a member of the DoI.


Liberal Vannin leader Lawrie Hooper first secured a seat in the House of Keys in 2016 after unsuccessfully contesting the 2011 general election, serving as Ramsey's Commissioner during the intervening period.

During his first five years in office, he worked at DfE and the Cabinet Office.

General practitioner Alex Allison spent eight years on the board of the Ramsey Commissioners before entering national politics in 2016.

He was a member of the DoI and Cabinet Office and chaired Manx Utilities, before being appointed Minister of Education in 2020.

(Video) Garff: House of Keys Election 2021


Juan Watterson was elected to a fourth term, leading the poll in the constituency and recording the most votes across the island.

A qualified chartered accountant, he was first elected in 2006 and served as Minister of Home Affairs between 2011 and 2016.

He has served as Speaker of the House of Keys for the past five years and has also chaired the Public Accounts Committee.

Michelle Haywood served as Commissioner of Port St Mary for five years before securing a seat in national politics.

A research scientist and consultant, she co-owns a diving training center in the south of the island.

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Who are the members of the House of Keys? ›

Members are known as Members of the House of Keys (MHKs). Citizens over the age of 16 may vote, while one must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the island for three years to be elected an MHK. There are 12 constituencies, mainly based on the sheadings and on local government units.

Is Isle of Man Labour or conservative? ›

The largest political party is the Liberal Vannin Party, which promotes liberalism, greater Manx independence and more accountability in Government.

What is the LegCo of the Isle of Man? ›

The Legislative Council (Manx: Yn Choonceil Slattyssagh) is the upper chamber of Tynwald, the legislature of the Isle of Man. The abbreviation "LegCo" is often used. Three ex officio members: President of Tynwald, ex officio President of the Legislative Council (casting vote)

What is the political history of the Isle of Man? ›

The Island was ruled by Norse, Scots and English Kings in the Middle Ages, and by independent Lords of Man from 1406 until 1765, when it was acquired by the British Crown. Tynwald has endured throughout these changes and for more than ten centuries has represented the independent identity of the Manx people.

Who are the band members of the Black Keys? ›

How many members are in the Black Keys? ›

The group consists of Dan Auerbach (guitar, vocals) and Patrick Carney (drums). The duo began as an independent act, recording music in basements and self-producing their records, before they eventually emerged as one of the most popular garage rock artists during a second wave of the genre's revival in the 2000s.

Why are people moving to Isle of Man? ›

The Island offers residents an excellent quality of life. With incredibly low unemployment, a temperate climate, a favourable tax regime, the lowest crime rate in the British Isles and the fact you can get from your front door to the countryside or the coast in a matter of minutes, what's not to like?

Are Manx people British? ›

The Isle of Man is an internally self-governing dependency of the British Crown and its people are British citizens.

What side of the Isle is Republican? ›

Origin of the usage

By tradition, Democrats sit on the right of the center aisle (as viewed from the presiding officer's chair) while Republicans sit on the left.

What is the motto of the Isle of Man? ›

Motto: The motto 'Quocunque Jeceris Stabit', which translates literally as 'whithersoever you throw it, it will stand' continues to feature on the Coat of Arms. This motto has been associated with the Isle of Man since about 1300.

What is the meaning of LegCo? ›

/ (ˈlɛɡkəʊ) / noun. the Legislative Council of Hong Kong.

How many members are there in LegCo? ›

The Legislative Council ("LegCo") was established with a composition of three Official Members and the Governor as the President.

What is Manx nationality? ›

The Manx (/mæŋks/; Manx: ny Manninee) are an ethnic group originating on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea in northern Europe. Their native culture has significant Norse-Gaelic, Celtic, and English influences. The Manx language descends from Middle Irish. Manx.

What is the old name for the Isle of Man? ›

The ancient Romans knew of the island and called it Insula Manavia.

What race is the population of the Isle of Man? ›

Ethnic groups

White 94.7%, Asian 3.1%, Mixed 1%, Black 0.6%, other 0.4% (2021 est.)

Is Johnny Depp in Black Keys? ›

With the addition of a bassist, a keyboard player and Depp, Carney noted that "we felt like the Rolling Stones up there, you know?" The Black Keys said they wouldn't rule out a recorded collaboration with Depp down the road, perhaps a single for Record Store Day.

Why are they called The Black Keys? ›

They got the name from a schizophrenic artist in Akron who called the two "the black keys," a phrase he used to describe people who "weren't quite right." In four short years The Black Keys have released four critically-acclaimed albums. The duo's most recent release, Magic Potion, is their debut for Nonesuch records.

Which key has the most black keys? ›

Depending on where you place the root note, the pentatonic scale that involves all the black keys is either called the E♭ minor pentatonic scale (because the root is E♭) or it is called the G♭ major pentatonic scale (because the root is G♭).

Where do the black keys live now? ›

About us – The Black Keys. Ten years after they pulled up their stakes and moved south to Nashville, leaving their gritty post-industrial hometown of Akron, Ohio, the birth place of rubber companies, waffle cones, oatmeal, and LeBron James; Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach are back, at least metaphorically.

What 2 names does each black key have? ›

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Do you have to be rich to live in Isle of Man? ›

Unlike many tax havens, which make it difficult if not impossible for anyone except the ultra rich to obtain residence, the Isle of Man welcomes entrepreneurs with open arms and you may even qualify for some free cash from the Manx Government (see box).

Why is Isle of Man so rich? ›

The economy of the Isle of Man is a low-tax economy with insurance, online gambling operators and developers, information and communications technology (ICT), and offshore banking forming key sectors of the island's economy.

Can an American move to Isle of Man? ›

Isle of Man has its own Immigration Service

People who require a visa to come to the Isle of Man, must apply online for Entry Clearance from their country of residence. They will then need to attend a British Embassy to attend a biometric appointment and hand in any supporting documents.

What is the DNA of Manx people? ›

Genetic ancestry on the island

Researchers found that individuals with Manx ancestry are genetically closest to individuals with ancestry from the south-west of Scotland. The Isle of Man also exhibits more recent evidence of migration into the island which appears to be primarily English in origin.

What religion is Manx? ›

The principal religion among the Manx is Protestantism, as practiced either by the Church of England or by Wesleyan Methodists. A small but visible enclave of witches practice on the island.

What celebrities live on the Isle of Man? ›

Isle of Man
  • Mark Cavendish. Professional Road Racing Cyclist. ...
  • Samantha Barks. Actor. ...
  • Amy Jackson. Actor. ...
  • Peter Kennaugh. Professional Cyclist. ...
  • Harry Manx. Blues Artist. ...
  • Mel Collins. Musician. ...
  • Conor Cummins. Man. ...
  • Frank Kermode. Literary critic.

Where are the most Republican areas in USA? ›

Most Conservative Cities in USA
  • Jackson, Mississippi. The most conservative city in the USA is Jackson. ...
  • The Woodlands, Texas. ...
  • Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. ...
  • Gainesville, Georgia. ...
  • Provo, Utah. ...
  • Fort Smith, Arkansas. ...
  • Rapid City, South Dakota. ...
  • Clermont, Florida.
Mar 5, 2023

Is Alaska a red or blue state? ›

Although in its early years of statehood, Alaska was a Democratic state, since the early 1970s it has been characterized as Republican-leaning. Local political communities have often worked on issues related to land use development, fishing, tourism, and individual rights.

Does the Isle of Man vote? ›

The electoral register is a list of all the people entitled to vote in elections in the Isle of Man. It includes your name, address and an electoral number that is unique to you. The last opportunity to register to vote in the House of Keys General Election is Thursday 3 September 2026.

Do Isle of Man speak Irish? ›

Languages of the Isle of Man
Languages of Isle of Man
VernacularManx English
ForeignFrench, German
3 more rows

What is the three legged symbol Isle of Man? ›

What does it mean? The famous Three Legs of Mann appear to have been adopted in the Thirteenth Century as the royal coat of arms for three kings of the Isle of Man whose realm at the time also included the Hebrides in the Western Isles of Scotland.

What did the Romans call the Isle of Man? ›

The island was known as Insula Manavia by the Romans. The Norsemen landed on St Patrick's Isle, located off the west coast of the Isle of Man, in 789.

Who is the senior council secretary of Legco? ›

Raymond Szeto - Senior Council Secretary, Council Business Division 4 - Legislative Council Secretariat | LinkedIn.

What is the definition of a hinterland? ›

: a region lying inland from a coast. : a region remote from urban areas. : a region lying beyond major metropolitan or cultural centers.

What is the meaning of legislative? ›

Legislative. The legislative branch is made up of the House and Senate, known collectively as the Congress. Among other powers, the legislative branch makes all laws, declares war, regulates interstate and foreign commerce and controls taxing and spending policies.

How do you pronounce Legco? ›

  1. IPA: /ˈlɛd͡ʒ.kəʊ/
  2. 0:02. (file)

Who presides over the Executive Council? ›

1.45The Letters Patent provide that two members of the Executive Council, plus the presiding officer, constitute a quorum. When available to attend, the Governor-General presides over the Executive Council.

Who is the upper house in Victoria? ›

The Legislative Council is the Upper House of the Victorian Parliament.

What food is Isle of Man famous for? ›

The Isle of Man is well known for its traditional local dish of "spuds and herring" but, once you arrive on your holiday you will find there is a lot more to keep you fed and watered during your stay.

How do you say hello in Manx? ›

How to greet in Manx:
  1. Moghrey mie - Good morning.
  2. Fastyr mie - Good afternoon, Good evening.
  3. Bannaghtyn - Greetings, blessings.
  4. Hello - Hello.
  5. Hai - Hi.
  6. Slane - Goodbye.
  7. Bai - Bye.
  8. Oie vie - Good Night.

Do Manx people have Viking blood? ›

The significance of this discovery is that, from analysis of the 130 or so indigenous Manx families using surnames and Y-DNA ancestry, only 30 are of direct Viking descent with the rest being of primarily Celtic origin.

How much money do you need to live in the Isle of Man? ›

A family of four estimated monthly costs are 2,885.1$ (2,336.9£) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 824.4$ (667.8£) without rent. Cost of living in Isle Of Man is, on average, 16.9% lower than in United States. Rent in Isle Of Man is, on average, 39.4% lower than in United States.

What is the most common name in the Isle of Man? ›

The Civil Registry has revealed the most popular forenames given to baby girls and boys in 2022 were Lily and Noah respectively.

Is Isle of Man Viking? ›

According to the Irish annals, the Vikings first set foot on the Isle of Man in the year 798. By 820 they had conquered and settled in the Isle of Man, establishing a prosperous Viking colony that benefited greatly from the trade between Ireland and the Scottish islands.

Is the Isle of Man rich or poor? ›

Located in the middle of the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man is a generally wealthy country known for its low taxes, financial services and online gambling industries. However, this overall wealth does not signify economic prosperity for every citizen.

Are Manx people indigenous? ›

The Manx (Manx language: Ny Manninee) are an ethnic group from the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea in northern Europe. They are often described as a Celtic people on the basis of their recent Goidelic Celtic language, but their ethnic origins are mixed, including Germanic (Norse and English) lines.

Are people from Isle of Man Irish? ›

Its inhabitants are British citizens. The Isle of Man was permanently settled by Celts and fell under Viking control in 1079.

How many Locke and Key keys are there? ›

There are 24 keys in total in Netflix's series of Locke and Key. Here's a definitive list of what they do. In Netflix's series of Locke and Key, there are 24 keys revealed in total, although there are other types of keys in the comics not seen in the show.

Who can take keys from the Lockes? ›

The keys have a supernatural type of ownership with the Lockes. Demons such as Dodge are unable to take the keys from the Lockes by force, and must be willingly given to them. This principle was exclusive to demons, as humans outside the Locke family could also take these keys without asking for permission.

Who is the keeper of all keys? ›

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Why can't Dodge take the keys? ›

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Will there be a 4th Locke and Key? ›

Was that the series finale?” The answer is… yes, yes it was. There is no Locke and Key season 4, as when it was picked up for the third season, it was declared ahead of time that it would be its last.

Why can only Duncan make keys? ›

It turns out Rendell and his friends discovered a way to remember the magical keys past the age of 17, which entailed making a memory key. However, the only Locke who could craft the key at the time was Duncan, most likely because he was the youngest Locke.

Do the Lockes make a new key? ›

New keys introduced in Locke and Key season 3

There are four new keys introduced in the third season, the Animal Key, the Creation Key, the Snow Globe Key and the Timeshift Key. The Animal Key opens the Animal Door and turns the user into an animal once they go through the door.

Do they get rid of all the keys in Locke and Key? ›

Before the family is fully ready to get rid of magic, however, they use the Timeshift Key to travel into the past and pay one final visit to Rendell Locke (Bill Heck), the kids' late father and Nina's late husband. Once back in the present, they throw every last key into the blue void, which finally closes forever.

Do the Lockes lose all the keys? ›

No more keys at Keyhouse

It's the end of a magical era at Keyhouse as the Locke family choose to give up their magical keys. This is the biggest twist in Season 3, and it happens after the Lockes' final battle with Captain Gideon.

Who is the evil captain in Locke and Key? ›

Captain Frederick Gideon is a minor antagonist in the Netflix adaption of Locke & Key. He was a former captain of the British soldiers in colonial Massachusetts, where he was possessed by a vicious demon of the Black Door that led to his death.

Who has the Omega key in Locke and Key? ›

When the Keepers split up the keys, Rendell takes the Omega Key which he subsequently hides inside of his own head using the Head Key. After Rendell's death and cremation, it ends up in his ashes where it's later found by Tyler and Kinsey Locke.

Who is the evil soldier Locke and Key? ›

Frederick Gideon is the posthumous overarching antagonist in the TV series Locke and Key. He is a British Captain active during the Revolutionary War and the first to discover the dimension behind the Black Door, at which point a demon possessed him and he willingly served as his host body.

What does a red Dodge key mean? ›

A Red Key means no restrictions, just an immense amount of power. On the navigation screen, it shows which key is currently in use while you are being able to see which transmission you are on, the suspension options available, and which paddle shifters are available as well.

What is a red key for a Dodge? ›

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Unfortunately, there is no way to track a key FOB. The good news is that there are some other options you can consider to avoid losing your key or to find it. If you haven't yet misplaced your key FOB but are worried it might happen, you could purchase a key finder.


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