Festival of the Lost Lands | 22-24 Sept 2023 (2023)

FESTIVAL ENTRY:In any case, all guests must purchase a GA or VIP entry.

CAMPING PASSES:If you are camping with a group, one camping pass is required per group, NOT per person. Seecamping passes.

EARLY ENTRY:To extend your festival experience and witness Thursday's pre-party, buy oneEarly-Entry-Passfor Thursday, Wednesday or Tuesday evening. After purchase, all your festival, camping and park passes will be automatically extended to the day you have selected.

THE PARK:All camping vehicles that are not cars require a separate parking permit. You must purchase the parking pass for the specific campsite that you have a camping pass for. The only exception is Jurassic Glamping, where parking for one vehicle is included free of charge with every glamping package. viewparking ticketoptions.

Yes. Anyone who has registered their wristband to Lost Lands 2022 will receive an email before tickets go on sale with a one-time $25 discount code. This only applies to orders with festival entry. Discount codes are valid for 48 hours and will expire on Sunday, January 22 at 3:00pm EST. More details will be included in the email.

The only difference regarding Tiers is the price. As soon as a stage is sold out, the ticket price for the next stage increases. In order to get the best price, we recommend that you buy your tickets as early as possible. Quantities are limited per tier.

All guests must be at least 18 years of age on the day of arrival at the festival. Please bring an official photo ID with you.

All ticket types, including VIP, are available to all participants.

No, only weekend passes are available. Early entry passes must be accompanied by GA or VIP entry.

No. If you arrive before Friday, you must have both a 3-day festival entry wristband and an early entry pass for the day of your arrival. Early entry passes and festival tickets are sold separately.

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No, camping must be purchased separately. If you arrive before Friday, a separate early entry pass is also required for each person. See below for more details.

Wristbands and camping passes will be mailed in batches starting 4-6 weeks before the event. You will receive an email notification when your tickets are shipped.

If for any reason you do not receive your bracelets, please contact

Front Gate Tickets direct to arrange for new wristbands to be shipped (time permitting) or to arrange collection at your convenience.

to be announced

All ticket information including your name, address, card on file, etc. can be changed by logging inYour Front Gate Account.

Don't worry, please contact Front Gate tickets directly. We'll get it sorted out!

Lost Lands is a rain or shine event. All sales are final.


  • No seat reservation. If your group wants to park several camping vehicles next to each other, all vehicles must arrive together without exception.
  • Re-entry for camping vehicles or cars parked in camping car parks is not possible.
  • All vehicles and RVs are searched before entering the campsites.
  • All campers must wear Lost Lands Festival wristbands.
  • If you arrive before Friday all campers must have oneEarly-Entry-Pass.

No, GA and VIP festival entry is also required and must be purchased separately. A camping pass not only entitles you to enter the country. See above for more ticket details.

If you arrive before Friday, a separate early entry pass is also required for each person.


If you have purchased a Car Camping Pass, you can camp with a standard car, SUV or standard truck no longer than 22 feet in length.

To camp with an RV you must purchase an RV camping pass. RV sites may only be used by RVs, other vehicles are not permitted.

All guests must have both a festival entry pass and a camping pass to camp at the campsites. A camping pass not only entitles you to enter the country. Note: A special ticket or wristband is required to access some campsites.

We are committed to carefully reviewing the entry of commonly abused prescription drugs into the Festival. All prescription drugs in their original container with pharmacy label showing the prescription, dosage and patient's name are allowed on the campsites.

The car pitch must contain at least 1 sleeping tent. If you use a car camping site without a car, we recommend that you set up several sleeping tents on this site. Car parking spaces without sleeping tents are being compacted.

For safety reasons, sleeping in your car with the engine running is strictly forbidden. It is also not recommended to sleep in the car, even with the engine off.

You can be dropped off at the rideshare lot by any rideshare service, Uber, Lyft or taxi. Check your map to ensure your driver takes you to the correct parking space. Upon arrival at the campsite gates, you will be subjected to a security check and will have to walk your gear to your campsite. We recommend a small wagon to make getting to your campsite easier.

You only need one camping pass per car/campsite. Please note if you have more than 1 car together and want to camp with your friends, each car must have a camping pass and arrive at the same time. No exceptions.

We do not allow any type of towed trailer in camping areas, with the exception of a real RV only at RV camping.

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Yes, but you still have to go through camping security. Be sure to coordinate with your friends the location of their site before entering, or arrange a time for them to meet you!

Yes, your friends must buy oneSouth Lot Weekend Park Passfor camp companions and park in the South Lot.

If you plan to arrive before Friday, each individual in your group must purchase an early entry pass AND a festival entry wristband. You only need ONE camping pass per vehicle, but ALL require an early entry pass. If you come earlier and 1 person can only arrive on Friday, that person does not need an early entry pass, only the people who arrive early.

First check the general store at the campsites, we have everything you need.

There are NO in and out exits for vehicles on the campsites. If a car leaves the campsites, it will no longer be allowed onto the campsites and will be instructed to purchase a parking permit.

If you expect to have to move your car before the festival is over, we recommend using theSouth parking lot.

There are NO in and out exits for vehicles on the campsites. If a car leaves the campsite, it will not be allowed back into the campsite.

Vehicles can exit and re-enter the south car park once per day.

Yes, there will be an accessible campground and stage viewing areas. Learn more ator E-Mail[Email Protected]

Yes. Any person arriving in your vehicle must have a Lost Lands bracelet to enter the campsite or festival.

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When parked in any parking lot, sleeping in your car is strictly forbidden.

Camping sites allow you to stay overnight in your camping vehicles, but this can pose a serious health risk. We don't advise anyone to do this.

Yes! The central general store in the village market square is open 24 hours a day. Other general stores publish their opening times. Items you can purchase include basic camping supplies, water, ice, snacks, basic first aid supplies, toiletries, women's products and more.

Just bring yourself, your shuttle pass and everything you need for the weekend. Don't forget your Lost Lands bracelet!

The sale ends when a shuttle is sold out. Buy ahead of time to secure your spot!

Yes, if there is space on the trip you wish to switch to. change yoursticket here. For further assistance email us at[Email Protected].

Yes, all of our shuttles reserve seats or use lockers under the bus for gear and luggage. Please limit your gear to one large bag/suitcase, standard camping gear and a cool box.

ADA accessible shuttles are available upon request. Please email[Email Protected]to let us know what event you are going to and what date and time you are traveling with us so we can organize the correct vehicle.

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Please note that ADA requests must be made at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the event. Let them know as soon as you book your shuttle pass!

For more information and frequently asked questions about Lost Lands Shuttles, visitBus.com


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