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Are you looking for a little guide to ordering picture frames online? We've rounded up the best tips and tricks for understanding custom picture frames, from choosing the most suitable frame types for your home, to examining what makes each frame unique, and some of our favorite ways to display them. Discover frames in every style, shape, color and size with our large online selectionindividual picture frames. Whether you're framing a photo, artwork, canvas or print, we offer easy personalized framing worthy of the gallery wall. Read on to discover our best online framing service that takes care of everything from printing to framing to adding the hanging hardware.

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How to create custom photo frames online

Your photos deserve frames that are just as beautiful and unique as the memories they contain. Easily convert your favorite images and create permanent, custom-framed prints online. Here at Shutterfly, we want to help you personalize your spacephoto printsframed in a variety of modern or rustic styles. Skip the trip to the frame shop or craft store by making your frames from home. See below how to make custom photo frames online.

  • Step 1: Select the frame.The first step in creating custom picture frames online is choosing the frame itself. We have a wide range of wood, metal and glass frame options in a variety of colors and sizes. We recommend choosing a frame color that matches a hue in the image, choosing a bold colored frame for a dramatic effect, or choosing a neutral hue for your frame.
  • Step 2: Adjust the size.Once you know the dimensions of your artwork, you can begin to choose the right frame to match the artworkPicture frame size guideto help you choose the right frame size. We offer a wide range of standard to large frame sizes – 4×6, 5×7, 6×8, 8×10, 11×14, 12×14, 20×24, 24×28, 24×36 and 30× 40
  • Step 3: Upload your art or photos.Upload moments or artwork that will last a lifetime. We have custom framing for you onlinepersonalized posters, prints and more.
  • Step 4: Look at the matting.Photo frames with frosting make the photo in them look more professional and are easy to achieve with thempersonalized picture frames. Frames with oversized mats are very popular and can give a small work of art an impressive look.
  • Step 5: Personalize.You can crop your photos in the preview and use the photo editor to make any necessary changes to bring your project to life. You can also change the background colors, captions, and more during this step.
  • Step 6: Check your project.When everything looks ready, it's time for a review. Make sure there are no misspellings, miscuts or other errors before ordering your picture frames online.
  • Step 7: Order now!Add your picture frame to your cart, then visit Your Cart to make quantity changes, apply special codes or offers, and review everything else before you checkout.

Different types of picture frames

Picture frames are not just about being able to hang your picture on the wall. There is a certain strategy in choosing the right picture frame that will enhance your picture or artwork and complement your interior space. With different frame styles, it's important to consider things like color, shape, and material. If you try to find out which oneindividual picture frameTo order online we will break down the different types of photo frames below.

Custom wooden frame

When creating custom picture frames online, the picture you frame should play a role in your frame type. Different styles and pieces work well with different materials. Wooden picture frames in a range of colors are a great way to add a classic flair to framed artwork or photographs. Custom wood frames offer a more rustic, traditional look. Ideal for paintings or healthy photos, theserustic framescomplement pieces with warmth and elegant details. With wood frames, you can start transforming your living space into a quaint cottage, rustic vintage bungalow, or other shabby chic retreat.

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Contemporary framed prints

Our sleek, modern frames use a mat to create a raised frame-in-frame effect that you often see in a museum photography installation. ThisContemporary framed printsBring a touch of mid-century modern design to any room in your home. Use this style of frame as a home for your most treasured prints and pull some of them together to create that gallery wall you've always wanted.

Placing your photo in a solid color frame like black or white can really bring out the beauty when used properly. Black frames offer a sleek, formal look, while white frames are more casual and versatile. Both black and white frames give a modern feel and streamlined appearance.

Modern pieces like abstract art or black and white photos are complemented well with the simplicity of a metal frame. The metal of modern frame styles lets your photos take center stage for a minimalist look that emphasizes the print. Our contemporary metal frame is a quality option for any room, ready to hang as a centerpiece or alongside other pieces on a gallery wall. Instead of diverting attention from the picture,custom metal framesSubtly enhance the display with a crisp finish.

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Engraved glass picture frames

Create engraved glass photo frames to showcase your favorite memories. Certain milestones require special commemorative gifts. Weddings, graduations, anniversaries and other big days call for something extra special. Whether it's you or a loved one celebrating a milestone in time, an engravingGlass picture frameis the perfect way to mark this momentous occasion. Engraved personalized photo frames look eleganthome decor, and make the perfect gifts and keepsakes for those you love. Display your favorite family photos, wedding portraits and more with Shutterfly glass picture frames.


table picture frame

It's all in the little details - and table frames go a long way in making a house feel like home. Ourcustom desktop framesare best suited for photos that capture those sweet, everyday moments. Creating a custom tabletop frame online makes any photo stand out by creating an additional decorative design that is not easy to achieve with a regular colored solid frame. Whether you want to display a tabletop frame on a small table or arrange multiple frames on a mantel or bookshelf, your custom frames will create a warm and welcoming environment in your home.

Framed canvas prints

Why choose a framed canvas print over traditional photo printing?Framed canvas printsare best suited for decorators who prefer a traditional look with fine detail and want the texture of a canvas print. Frames add depth to high-quality canvas prints, which is especially useful when you're presenting photos that you really want to stand out. Choosing from options such as black, wooden or white frames means you can color coordinate your displays throughout the home. Framed prints add dimension and allow you to coordinate with other room accents - dark wood frames like walnut compliment dark stained wood accents and coffee tables.

Personalized picture frames

Personalized frames go beyond the super simple gallery style frame and offer more stylized custom frames online. When designing a wedding photo frame, you can include the wedding date or part of your vows in the custom text. When designing a baby photo frame, you can add the little one's name along with best photos of the newest family member. Design it Yourselfpersonalized framefor a loved one is an unforgettable gift that they can hang as a wall decoration and cherish forever. Our design tool can even check the spelling for you to ensure your finished custom picture frames are error-free.

Funny styles for custom photo frames

Custom photo frames are perfect for showcasing your favorite memories in a way that emphasizes their personality. Our unique designs allow you to choose stylesGraduation picture frame,Mother's Day frame,fathers day frame, and much more. The personalized picture frames are great gift ideas. For example. This Mother's Day, give mom a custom frame featuring two photos of the kids along with a sweet message on the frame like "Best Mom". She will love seeing the photos along with your message and being able to display the picture frame in your home. To ensure that your photos fit perfectly, you can also choose between 8×10 portrait frames and 8×10 landscape frames. With two photos, the individual photo frame still offers plenty of space for illustrations and decorations.

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Creative ideas for picture frames and displays

Get creative with your photos! With multiple photo frames, you can add photos from the same photoshoot, before and after pictures, or family portraits. Don't forget about family pets either. If you end up with more than two photos that you want to use, consider making a collage of multiple photos with a personalized frame. We offer unique themes for your picture frames, specially designed for an eye-catching caption. If you plan to display more photos throughout the home, consider other ways to highlight them. Ourcanvas printsare very versatile and are therefore perfect for rustic or elegant decorations. You can also create onePhoto print made of glassPlace near your windows and really let your photos shine.

Wrap up

Our online framing service makes it easy and affordable to custom frame the artworks, photos and memorable moments you love! Make your artwork and photos last a lifetime with a new beautifully crafted custom frame from Shutterfly. Whether you have a large format photo, an original piece of art or an unusually large award, you can create a custom frame online to perfectly complement and protect your artwork and photos in any style at a reasonable price. Start by designing your own custom frame that will personalize and complement any living space. Looking for inspiration for what to frame? Check out oursUltimate creative guide to wall artto start your next project.

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