Are Kohler Walk In Tubs really that good? [Find out now] (2023)

There are many different bathtubs on the market, but Kohler is a trusted brand that makes excellent products. In this article, we're going to take a look at some reviews and features that the Kohler bathtub brings to your home so you can see if it might be the right solution for you.

We'll compare the Kohler Walk in Tub to traditional tubs and talk about the features and safety options that a Kohler Walk in Tub offers.

Why Kohler Walk In Tub Is The Best Choice For You

Most customers have very positive reviews of the Kohler bathtub. They report that Kohler brought a great service and installation team to the project. In fact, the memorable part of the entire bathtub buying process is the way people are treated.

If we are treated well when making a purchase, we will have a positive experience with it. Customers report that Kohler has made them satisfied and happy, and you can tell that Kohler takes its customers and their reviews seriously.

Customers also mention the peace of mind that comes with the warranty. If there are any problems with the bathtub, they can be replaced without incurring much cost. Other customers talk about how comfortable the brand name made them, and indeed, Kohler clearly takes its own brand seriously. People mentioned that they got quick service from their local Kohler dealers when they ordered.

Quanto custa Kohler Walk In Tubs?

Kohler tubs cost between $5,000 and $8,000 for the tub itself, plus $750 to $1,500 for installation. This will bring your total cost between $5,750 and $9,500 total.

Kohler Bathtub Safety and ComfortAre Kohler Walk In Tubs really that good? [Find out now] (1)

There are two main characteristics of a bathtub that people look for. The safety and comfort of the bathtub essentially depends on the use of the product. Users of a Kohler Safe Step walk in the tub want to remain safe, which means they don't experience any negative physical or mental effects from the tub. They also want to remain comfortable, which means avoiding discomfort and actively experiencing comfort.

Comfort Guaranteed

How does a kohler walk in tub facilitate this? There's an extra-wide door and easy-grip handles so you can get in and out of the bath with confidence. There is no way you can enjoy the shower experience if you are really uncomfortable or uneasy about the prospect of getting in or out of the shower.

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If you're worried about getting in, you won't want to enjoy your bathtub experience. If you're worried about going out, you won't get used to the experience. Kohler facilitates comfort after getting in the tub through the jets and hydrotherapy systems they use. The whole experience is built to be spa-like, and the tub works to massage your entire body. They also understand that the entire purchase and installation process needs to be simple and complete for you to enjoy the product.

Safe step reviewAre Kohler Walk In Tubs really that good? [Find out now] (2)

Kohler bathtubs are designed with humans in mind. While it might seem like a super simple and basic idea, some bathtubs are designed with cost in mind. Other safe tubs are designed with ratings in mind. But Kohlersafe bathtubsare designed specifically with the user in mind.

Kohler understands that literally the most important part of a bathtub is the way a human being interacts with it. Safe step bathtubs have a variety of requirements for users, and Kohler does its best to help with these things.

The tub experience is the tub value. It doesn't matter how many features the bathtub has if people don't have a good experience with the bathtub. In order to build bathtubs for humans, Kohler tests her bathtubs extensively and obsesses over every little detail. Details create the whole and bathtubs are a summary of all its parts. If something small in the corner of the tub goes wrong, it could be just as damaging as the tub not turning on.

What does security ultimately mean? This means that all the parts work together in the bathtub to guide the user from one better state to another. Staying safe in the bathtub means that one's well-being improves from beginning to end of the bathtub experience.


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  • Good financing options
  • They offer veterans discounts
  • They have a lifetime warranty.
  • There are options for hybrid shower/bathtubs


  • Pricing is a little difficult to determine.
  • Installation may hit problems
  • Financing can be expensive
  • Caro

Kohler Walk-In Bathtub vs. Traditional BathtubsAre Kohler Walk In Tubs really that good? [Find out now] (3)

The main difference between a Kohler Walk-in Tub and a traditional bathtub, right from the start, is the point of entry. A Kohler bathtub is built with a low entrance, perhaps just a few inches from the floor. With the entrance so low to the floor, it can be much easier and safer for people to get into the bathtub.

The traditional bathtub, on the other hand, has higher sides. Not only will it be more difficult to lift your legs over the side of the tub, you also need to place them on the other side of the tub.

(Video) Kohler Walk-In Bath Overview

Guaranteed Security

This can be dangerous for some people, especially if the floor is wet. After a shower especially, you would have to get out of the bathtub wet. Many people don't understand that the hardest part of bathing in a traditional bathtub is getting out of the bath, not getting in.

Additionally, Kohler bathtubs are built for people who generally have health issues that prevent them from using many traditional bathtub installations comfortably and safely. Because of this, they often contain additional features and jets. These additional features and the new entry type often create higher costs; therefore, Kohler bathtubs often cost more than installing a traditional bathtub.

Kohler bathtubTraditional Bathtub
low entrance doorhigh sides
Jets and featuressmall resources
High costlowest cost
Safety and therapy featuresSmall security features

Kohler Bathtub Cost and Price PromiseAre Kohler Walk In Tubs really that good? [Find out now] (4)

Walk in tubs can be expensive, usually costing between $5,000 and $10,000. Pricing varies depending on the model, where you install it, and the features you add to the bathtub. At the lower end of the price, you get a tub that has minimal features and is easy to install. At the higher end, you have more features and a bunch of extra features that must be installed.

The price promise that Kohler Walk-In Tubs offer is quite simple. When you think about buying a bathtub, you get a quote that works as a price promise. The quote is not simply an estimate or a possibility, it is a promise of the price you will pay for your Kohler Walk-In Tub.

When you receive the quote, there are no fees or extra costs. If the service or installation is a little high, you won't pay more for it. And the quote includes the removal and disposal of your old bathtub. When you buy a Kohler Walk-In Tub, you are getting exactly what you pay for. Kohler experts provide a complete 32-point checklist to ensure the budgeted cost is the price you pay.

Kohler bathtub warrantyAre Kohler Walk In Tubs really that good? [Find out now] (5)

When you're paying that much for a Kohler Walk-In Tub, you can expect the warranty to be great! And that is. Kohler Walk-In Bathtubs come with a limited lifetime warranty.

While it doesn't cover parts that break for any reason or through normal wear and tear, it does cover things that were defective during manufacture. So if you can show that any parts or the bathtub itself broke due to manufacturing defects, you can get free repairs and installations.

This can sometimes be frustrating for customers who don't quite understand their system warranty. For example, the limited lifetime warranty does not mean that Kohler bathtubs will be covered for parts that break because you've used them or for parts that break due to normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear would not be covered by the Kohler Walk-In Tub limited lifetime warranty.

Kohler Walk-in Tub Complaints

The most common complaint about the Kohler Walk-In Tub is the time it takes to install. Although the price is fixed according to the quotation, the installation time can vary. Of course, this could pose an intrusion into your life.

Other people complain about the price a Kohler Walk-In Tub will cost you. And yes, it's expensive. Be sure to fully assess the cost before starting with financing and designing. Customers complained about the expenses arising from the cost of the bathtub.

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However, one of the most common reasons people are upset about the price is that they didn't get Kohler's actual price promise quote before they started. Definitely do not start working with an independent contractor before working with Kohler.

Kohler Bathtub Q&A

Are there additional installation costs?

While there may be additional water heaters, plumbing systems, and electrical systems needed to support a Kohler Tub, they are usually included in the installation costs.

Will Medicare or Medicaid help cover the cost of a bath or shower?Are Kohler Walk In Tubs really that good? [Find out now] (6)

Medicare and Medicaid cover medical costs that are considered durable, and Kohler bathtubs and showers are not currently considered durable medical costs. So no, Medicare and Medicaid are not currently available to cover most bathtubs and showers.

What does the Kohler Price Promise mean?

This means that the quoted price is the price you pay, down to the last penny. You won't pay extra money in surprise fees or unexpected costs.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Kohler Walk In Tub

There are a number of things you should consider before purchasing a Kohler Walk-In Tub. Price and warranty are the first things you should consider. While the price is usually prohibitive and the guarantee sounds great, they should factor into your financial calculations. If you can't afford it, you'll have to start looking into tax breaks, funding plans, Medicare and Medicaid you can use, and any veterans benefits.

After considering the cost, you should look for other models. While Kohler is a great brand with an excellent service team ready to help you, there are many other bathtub options that you should consider. It can also help to get quotes from different companies and also remember each of the options that you are getting quotes from different companies! Playing the competition against each other can secure a slightly better price.

Ever tried to buy a Kohler bathtub?

As we've seen in this article, the Kohler Walk in Tub can be a great service for many people who want to stay in their own home but need the added security and comfort that a walk in tub bathing solution can provide. Although the cost can be high, they are excellent solutions. The design is intuitive and made for humans, and the customer service is also made for real people. If you're thinking about taking a walk in the bathtub, the KohlerWalk in Tub should be on your listof considerations.

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Are Kohler Walk In Tubs really that good? [Find out now]? ›

As long as you can afford its high price point, KOHLER's Belay™ Walk-In Bath is well worth taking a look at. For customers with limited mobility or conditions that need to be addressed through hydrotherapy, the KOHLER bath is an ideal product as it comes with a long list of safety and comfort features.

How long does it take for a Kohler walk-in tub to drain? ›

Regular walk-in tubs can take about 6-15 minutes to fully drain, and it's understandable that you wouldn't want to sit exposed for that long!

Are Kohler walk in tubs made in the USA? ›

KOHLER® Walk-In Baths are designed in the U.S.A. A 150-year history of helping customers achieve more gracious living with innovative products is behind every KOHLER® Walk-In Bath we produce. Learn more about Kohler Co. and see why you should trust KOHLER with your walk-in bath choice.

What is the average cost of an American Standard walk-in tub? ›

Broadly speaking, an American Standard walk-in tub will cost you between $4,000 and $12,000, depending on the features you want.

How do walk in tubs not leak? ›

The doors and closures are designed in such a way that closing and sealing the door can be done easily with little effort or strength, ideal for those who may suffer from arthritis for example. The bath itself is completely watertight, so there is no danger of spills or leakages onto your bathroom floor.

How many gallons of water does it take to fill a Kohler walk-in bathtub? ›

Walk-in tubs generally use more water than standard bathtubs. About 50 to 80 gallons is a common volume for a walk-in tub, compared to 30 to 60 gallons for a standard tub.

Do you have to sit in a walk-in tub until it drains? ›

You have to sit in the bath as it fills

This means you have to sit in the tub as it fills, and this could be extremely uncomfortable for some people. The water may be far too cold as it fills up, meaning you'll have to raise your feet up or turn on the tap and leave the drain open while it heats up.

Does Costco install walk-in tubs? ›

Access Tubs: Walk-In Air Hydro Jetted Massage Tub

The combo system for this Access Tubs version is included at an all-in price of $3,699.99, although installation is not included. Some of the tub features include: Outward opening door. Air and bubble jet system with 22 independently controlled jets.

Can I buy a Kohler walk-in tub and install it myself? ›

Walk-in tub installations require a professional electrician and plumber who are licensed to get permits to comply with local ordinances that home improvement projects often require. In addition to years of experience, our team at Home Smart has been trained and Certified by Kohler to provide exceptional service.

Where is Kohler walk-in tub made? ›

Kohler walk-in tubs are designed and assembled in Wisconsin and offer a variety of styles, safety features, comfort features and customization options. Kohler offers options to completely customize your walk-in tub.

Can you use Epsom salts in a walk-in tub? ›

Can I Use Epsom Salt in My Walk-In Bath? Yes. Epsom salt is safe to use in the KOHLER Walk-In Bath! Just make sure you use it in moderation and rinse your bath thoroughly once you're finished soaking.

What is the labor cost to install a walk-in tub? ›

Labor for walk-in tub installation usually averages anywhere from $700 to $5000, in addition to the tub itself. These prices are also likely to increase for added plumbing installation or finished carpentry and other renovation work.

How long does it take for a walk-in tub to fill up? ›

They're designed to produce a flow rate of 14 gallons per minute, which means they can fill a tub in under 4 minutes! As the water fills, remove your towel or bathrobe and put it beside your tub for when you're ready to get out.

Does having a walk-in tub devalue your home? ›

Bathroom Updates for Resale Value

In general, removing a tub and installing a well-appointed walk-in shower also increases the value of a home. That being said, if you have to choose between a bathtub and a walk-in shower, and most of us do, it's important to consider if you have another tub.

Where is the most common place for a bathtub to leak? ›

There are two main areas where a bathtub leak might occur: the faucet drip or the underlying pipes. Additional areas to watch are the grout, body of the tub and the drain. Depending on the nature of the leak, you have different repair options. However, signs of trouble remain constant for both types of leaks.

What type of tub is best for seniors? ›

Why Walk-In Tubs Are Best for Elderly Homeowners. For starters, walk-in bathtubs are easier to enter and exit than high-threshold tubs. Many of these types of tubs feature low thresholds and anti-slip floors to help prevent falls and subsequent injuries.

Are walk in tubs good for seniors? ›

Walk-in baths can be a great solution for anyone with limited mobility, no matter what age. They have a low step entry threshold of only a few inches, which means getting in and out of the tub is easy. This means whether you have a chronic condition or an injury, you can easily get into the tub to start feeling better.

What size water heater do I need for a walk-in tub? ›

For a regular size walk-in tub, the recommended minimum tank size for electric or gas tank water heaters is 50 gallons. Normally one can assume a 70% hot water output from any tank heater (tank heater manufacturers can provide specifications and recommendations.)

Why are walk in tubs so expensive? ›

The two-seater walk-in tub allows two people to bathe at the same time. Its larger size might require additional bathroom remodeling to accommodate it, which leads to higher costs ranging from $3,500 to $10,000. Because it also requires more water to fill it, there will be added water usage costs.

Which is better a walk-in tub or walk in shower? ›

It all depends on your needs, preferences, and budget. If you have a small bathroom, a shower might be the best option. If you want a luxurious bathing experience, a walk-in tub might be the way to go. And if you're concerned about safety, a walk-in tub can give you peace of mind.

What is an alternative to a walk-in tub? ›

Slide-in style Bathtubs are similar but different than a walk in tub in ways. For example, these have higher walls with seats molded in them, which swing and allow the user to bathe. Basically, the operator would sit and back up and sit. Then you are able to fill and bathe as you normally would.

Do walk in tubs heat the water? ›

Hot tub benefits: Bathers can enter and fill their walk-in tubs anytime in complete privacy, unlike outdoor hot tubs. Some walk-in tubs also come with heaters that keep the water warm throughout the bath.

Will Medicare pay for or part of walk-in tub? ›

As a general rule, Medicare doesn't cover walk-in bathtubs. Medicare does cover some medical equipment and devices, known as durable medical equipment (DME). This is equipment meant for repeated use to manage a medical condition.

How much does it cost to pull out a tub and put in shower? ›

Wet-area renovations like a tub to shower conversions cost about $6,000 to $10,000, including materials and labor. Your project may cost more or less, but this average figure is a good one to keep in mind.

Does Kohler install showers? ›

Your KOHLER Authorized Dealer will install your shower and, if needed, remove your current tub in as little as one day, so you can step into your new shower right away.

Will a walk-in tub fit in a regular tub space? ›

Walk-in bathtubs are easy to install in practically any bathroom. With a relatively small footprint, they can fit within the space of your regular bathtub, require no remodel, and can be installed in as little time as a day.

Can you have a shower with a walk-in tub? ›

Walk-in bathtubs allow people with disabilities or limited mobility to step more easily into the tub. They can be combined with handheld or wall-mounted showers for even more convenience. A walk-in tub shower combo has a door that allows bathers to step inside without having to climb over the tub's side.

How much is a Kohler bath? ›

The total cost of a Kohler walk-in bath, including installation, ranges from $15,000 to $25,000.

Is Kohler made in China? ›

Made in Kohler, Wisconsin, all products are crafted from at least 80% recycled material and come with the peace of mind of a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

How long will a Kohler acrylic tub last? ›

Acrylic Bathtubs

They're also lightweight, very durable, and require less maintenance, unlike other materials. Acrylic is commonly used to form seats, headrests, whirlpool jets and other molding details for tubs. Acrylic bathtubs are very easy to install and have a lifespan of 10-15 years.

What is LuxStone by Kohler made of? ›

What are LuxStone shower walls made of? LuxStone shower walls are made of durable blend of crushed stone and other natural materials to provide reinforcement. When combined, they make a surface that is stronger and lasts longer than tile, acrylic and other common bath and shower surfaces.

Why should you not rinse off after an Epsom salt bath? ›

Should you rinse off an Epsom salt bath? There's no right or wrong when it comes to the question of showering after an Epsom salt bath – it's merely personal preference. If you decide not to rinse off afterwards, your body may benefit for longer from the purported healing properties of the salt.

What is the best way to clean a walk-in tub? ›

To thoroughly clean your tub, fill it with warm water until the top of the back jet is covered. Then, pour in one cup of bleach (not the “splashless” type) and a tablespoon of dishwasher powder. Run the air jets or micro-bubbles for 15 minutes and the water jets for 15 minutes.

Can you use bath bombs in walk-in tubs? ›

Soaking tubs do not have any air or hydro jets, so using bath bombs in this type of walk-in tub would be fine. You might have to use the hand held shower head to rinse out the tub after you are finished bathing.

How much does it cost to remove a tub and replace with a walk-in shower? ›

The Average Cost of Converting a Tub Into a Walk-In Shower

The installation and costs of converting a tub into a walk-in shower range between $5,997 and $11,950, with average coming in at $7,997. Although it may seem like a wide range for a simple project, many other factors contribute to the total cost.

Are walk-in tubs worth the price? ›

A walk-in tub comes with far more features than a normal bathtub, making it well worth the price tag. If you are looking for a bathtub that has easy access, whirlpool jets, a heated backrest, a handshower and so much more, then a walk-in tub is a smart investment.

How much should I charge to install new tub? ›

You can also refresh the look of your existing bathroom with a new tub, as there are many styles and materials to choose from. The national average cost to install a bathtub is around $3,000, but it can range from $1,500 to $10,000 depending on the tub you choose and how it's installed.

Do walk-in tubs drain quickly? ›

Regular walk-in tubs can take about 6-15 minutes to fully drain, and it's understandable that you wouldn't want to sit exposed for that long! Meanwhile, fast-draining tubs can take only four minutes or less to empty itself.

How deep is the water in a walk-in tub? ›

Another difference between traditional and walk-in tubs is depth. The average depth of a traditional bathtub is around 13-14 inches but the most commonly used depth for walk-in tubs is 40-48 inches. This may be because of the therapeutic benefits of having deeper water to soak in.

How often should a senior shower? ›

However, with age, it can become a struggle to bathe or shower daily. This may be due to mobility or simply not having enough energy. But for the elderly, having a shower once or twice a week is sufficient to keep skin conditions and infections at bay.

How do walk-in tubs not leak? ›

The doors and closures are designed in such a way that closing and sealing the door can be done easily with little effort or strength, ideal for those who may suffer from arthritis for example. The bath itself is completely watertight, so there is no danger of spills or leakages onto your bathroom floor.

How hard is it to replace a tub with a walk-in shower? ›

Swapping your old bath out for a brand new shower enclosure is actually a pretty straightforward task, rather than a large renovation. In fact, you can probably manage to complete this change over a couple of days. Perhaps you're just tired of the way that your bathroom looks and feel as though it's time for a refresh.

Are walk-in tubs bad for resale? ›

If your home only has one bathroom and a walk-in tub, this could be seen as a negative to homebuyers. However, if you do have a second bathroom with a standard tub, the walk-in tub may actually turn into a selling feature.

Is it possible for bathtub to leak through ceiling? ›

A damaged O-ring, washer, or gasket usually is to blame. A licensed plumber can easily repair it to avoid costly water damage. A clogged drain can also be to blame for water leaking into your ceiling. If the tub pan overflows, the water leaks into the floor/ceiling and is visible from below.

How do you detect if there's a leak in walls or under tub? ›

Signs of Water Leaks in Walls
  1. Damp or discolored drywall.
  2. Peeling paint or wallpaper on your wall.
  3. A warped or stained wall.
  4. A buckle, crack, or water stain on drywall ceiling or your floor.
  5. Pools of water on the floor near walls or drips from the ceiling.
  6. A musty smell.
Jan 12, 2022

What is the most common bathtub leak? ›

Faucet leaks

A leaking tub faucet is the most common tub leak and also one of the easiest to fix. While it might seem like a minor nuisance, a faucet issue demands the same attention as the other leaks on this list, and can lead to a high water bill and other problems.

What tubs last the longest? ›

Cast iron is the most durable and longest-lasting type of bathtub you can buy, and vintage cast iron tubs are very popular. However, if a cast iron tub is too cumbersome to get to a second-floor bathroom in your home, an enameled steel tub is the next best thing.

How often should an 80 year old woman shower? ›

Bathing once or twice a week is acceptable for older adults, as the purpose is to prevent the skin from breaking down and lower the risk of skin infections. Seniors also tend to be less active than younger adults, so they can get away with fewer baths. However, you don't want your loved one to develop body odor.

Why does bathtub drain take so long? ›

A slow draining tub is most commonly caused by a clog of hair, soap or other debris that backs up your pipes. It can also be caused by an issue with the overflow drain stopper which may be partially closed and thus not permitting water to drain as quickly.

How long to wait after installing new tub drain? ›

Add some water to the tub to test the seal.

After you've installed the new drain, close the stopper and fill about ¼ of the tub with water. Let it sit for an hour, then go back and see if any water drained. If it's around the same level as an hour prior, congratulations!

How long does it take to drain a safe step tub? ›

This might sound unpleasant, but our tubs have 2″ Quick Drains built in; they allow the tub to drain in 90 seconds or less (depending on your home's water pressure and plumbing). Having a towel within reach will also help to keep you comfortable.

How many gallons of water does a safe step walk-in tub use? ›

Since the typical water requirement to fill a regular size walk-in tub is 40-50 gallons depending on the user's size, roughly 30-35 gallons of hot water will be needed for the fully filled occupied tub.

Why can't i snake my bathtub drain? ›

If your snake isn't unclogging your drains, it could be because the thumbscrew is loose, the clog is too severe, or the auger is dirty. Or maybe you just need a refresher on how to use a drain snake. A drain auger (snake) is a simple, inexpensive necessity for every homeowner.

Why does my drain clog so quickly? ›

Most bathroom drain clogs result when dirt, skin flakes, and especially hair binds to soap scum on the walls of drain pipes. Over time, this gunk accumulates and reduces water flow. Troubleshooting: Remove and clean the drain stopper.

Does baking soda and vinegar dissolve hair? ›

Use Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar is a very powerful combination that can help clear nasty hair clogs. Besides helping dissolve hair in your drain, baking soda also has disinfectant qualities that can fight fungi and bacteria.

Do you replace tub or floor first? ›

So you are installing a new bathroom and suddenly have hit a snag-which should you install first, the flooring or bathtub? The short answer is that standard bathtubs such as alcove and corner bathtubs should always be installed first, followed by the wallboard, the subfloor and the vinyl.

Do you install tub or drain first? ›

Before putting the new tub in place, you'll need to install a new stringer, drain, and overflow drain. Once you've put the new bathtub in, you can connect the drains, nail the tub flange to the wall studs, and repair the tub surround.

Can you lie down in a walk-in bath? ›

This can deter some people from making a purchase if they're used to fully reclining in the bath. There's a reason for this common design which we'll explain later, but you can still lie down in a walk-in tub—just make sure you choose the right model of tub.

Are walk-in tubs easy to clean? ›

Basic care for your Walk-In Tub is a simple and stress-free process. Similar to cleaning a traditional bathtub, maintaining a Walk-In Tub requires only a few quick and easy steps to keep it sparkling. For a limited time, enjoy no payments until 2024.

Can I use Epsom salt in my safe step walk-in tub? ›

Epsom Salt

Adding some to your bath will make the experience more soothing, and provide some much-needed relief for your tired body. Another option you may consider is some eucalyptus essential oil, which can have a similar effect to Epsom salt.

Do walk-in tubs keep the water hot? ›

Hot tub benefits: Bathers can enter and fill their walk-in tubs anytime in complete privacy, unlike outdoor hot tubs. Some walk-in tubs also come with heaters that keep the water warm throughout the bath.


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