5 Reasons Why You Believe God Doesn't Love You (2023)

6. November 2015

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5 Reasons Why You Believe God Doesn't Love You (1)

are you like me Do you ever find yourself running a hundred miles an hour (which is a whole different topic) and then hitting the wall of "I'm exhausted," "I just royally screwed it up," or "God he left me" crashed?

When we hit the wall of faith, it is often not the acts of our faith that come crashing down. In fact, we can sometimes revive these even higher, wider, and more diligently. However, what often falters is our underlying belief in God. Our trust in him. Our fortress in him.

After repeated blows against this wall,Our inner words end up sounding untrue, which makes our outer words sound superficial.In the end, our exterior shows works that our interior is not so sure about. Our outer life reflects irritation because our inner ones are stuck in an emotional hamster wheel that we never really wanted to be a part of, but still,we run like caged madmen.

The ways to stop hypocrisy may surprise you. They aren't ways straightening your faith with the perfect, windy picture of shine. I won't tell you: mean what you say and say what you mean, choose to love truly, stop doubting, examine your heart and get your words right. While these things are important, they will fall like seeds on a 3 foot sidewalk if they are not coupled with getting to the root of the problem.

So what makes our heads spontaneously burn with disappointment, shame, and disgust after fumbling with the ball of faith?

Hypocrite Truth #1:If we don't receive the power of God's love,
we can never really let God's mighty love flow.

We love because he first loved us. 1 yo 4:19

5 Reasons Why You Believe God Doesn't Love You (And How He Does)

1. God is mad at you.

He sees your every move and that includes your mistakes (that's true). He's angry that you can't pull yourself together (wrong).

2. God is disgusted with your actions.

He loves me (true) but he doesn't like me (false).

3. God wants to punish you.

He's a god of righteousness (true), so he's watching almost every moment to see what wicked you're about to do so he can banish you into the corner, fool and all (false).

4. God doesn't really care about you.

He is so high and powerful that he has more important people to look after than you (wrong). He cares about the poverty of Ethiopia, the homeless on the streets of the Windy City and the enslaved children (true), not you (false).

5. God will not come through for you.

He cares about your great heavenly salvation (true), but he doesn't care so much about earthly salvation from small troubles (false).

Hypocrite Truth #2:God doesn't take his hand off you, he puts his hand on you.

He doesn't walk in the opposite direction, he walks in your direction, with open arms, wide eyes and a big smile.He looks at you, his child, his fullness, his created image and he wants every single part of you.He has a jealous love for you. God wants you more than anything you want in your life.

will you believe Instead of hitting the wall of defeat, why not get down on the floor dancing and swinging and moving to the new beat of his love?He asks you to dance.Will you?Take his life-giving hand and move in authenticity, truthfulness and love. He will take care of you. If it's hard to believe, take a moment to pray.

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Dear Lord, help me to believe that you are merciful, merciful and slow to anger (Psalm 145:8). Help me to agree with this ideaAs an inner man, I constantly need a savior.help me to trust yourequire not proud perfection but humble submission.Thank you that every time I fall is a chance to know your love to a greater extent. Thank you for you every time I drive wedges between myself and othersstandready torenew mich ingrace.Thank you God for caring about the details of my life, my heart and my spiritual progress.Make me more like you, less like me so I can learn more about you. Less fear of your judgment and more trust in your love. Less nagging about my problems and more about bringing them to you. may you make me a pure vessel of your love. Amen.

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5 Reasons Why You Believe God Doesn't Love You (4)

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  • I love that, "Unless we receive the power of God's love, we can never really let God's mighty love flow." We must let Him in and be filled by Him before we can truly experience and share all He has to offer has.


  • Make me more like you, less like me so I can learn more about you. Amen! Thanks Kelly for this push ♥ And thanks for the morning prayer time. It is so good!! I know it must be hard for you every day, but I know people benefit from it and I believe those who don't know how to pray learn it. Get well soon.


  • Kelly, I wish I could say that all your words were foreign to me and I had never felt or thought that way. So sad. Even with all the truth we have in the Bible, we still mischaracterize God as a cosmic spoilsport. Thank you for setting our hearts on the right path!


  • Life can get so insanely busy so easily. We must remember to take time to rest. I am reading "Simply Tuesday" by Emily P. Freeman and was thinking of her book as I read your first paragraphs here today. Good entry. Visiting FMF where I parked in 6th place.


  • Thank you for the reminders of God's love and grace towards me.


  • Where was God's love during the Holocaust or other mass murder? I'm sure prayers have flowed like crazy and yet these events are still happening. This isn't love. I know if my children were in danger I would step in and do what I can. If it really exists, it is only for selfish purposes. He wants everyone to kiss his ass and give nothing back. All it takes is for him to show up once to convince the world of him, but it didn't happen.


    (Video) Healing from Heartbreak: 10 Signs God Wants You Single

    • We can never on earth understand the causes of appalling suffering like the Holocaust any more than believers can convince you that your words sound untrue. God created man to be a free thinker and there is unfathomable evil in this world. These are the reasons we witness the history of man's cruel acts against others. We take these situations with pleasure and never allow them to repeat themselves. We must have faith and courage and stand up every day for those who continue to suffer at the hands of evil around the world. We may not observe Holocaust behavior today, but we are acutely aware of the injustices even in our hometowns. Are we fighting for dignity and human rights, or are we watching the news and thinking it's someone else's problem or God's indifferent hand allowing it to go on? It wasn't God who allowed the Holocaust. It was people...people who put it in place and people who failed to act on it! It's not always what happens in life, but what we make of it that changes things. Are we doing enough as individuals to improve this life? Or do we only blame God?


    • It happened, he sent his son. We wanted our free will to choose for ourselves, right and wrong, and so we were cast out. He gave us our free will, since we are not an ogre but a gentleman and know sin and death and all the horrors in it well. Yet he found a way for us to be forgiven for our imperfect choices in order to be saved from this world. The puzzle is why, when we are saved, do we not immediately go to be with Him, perhaps that would ruin others' chances of finding faith or cause too much pain. When you feel God's Holy Spirit you know he has not forgotten us, we are not in heaven or hell but exercising or proving our faith here in this middle land where there is good and evil. If you truly hate evil, it should drive you back to God in full force. I know it got me and all the terrible suffering I've had in my life. I can try again with God because He only gave me a second chance with the gift of His Son's sacrifice. What went wrong was our persistent desire to choose for ourselves instead of blindly obeying, and that is our course now. If you don't follow the original map, you'll have to take a longer, more difficult, and more torturous path home, e.g. B. Hiking 9 hours instead of 3 hours from a wrong turn, being exposed to the elements, wild animals, your own frustrations, doubts, hunger, dehydration, etc. only all this spiritually too. Much luck. Find your way home, choose the good. I don't know why he gave me a choice, should have put me through all this suffering. Perhaps it is about giving up your free choice voluntarily as we are not omnipotent and the earth proves it.


  • I feel like God doesn't love me anymore. Life is so hard, I'm having suicidal thoughts, I feel so lost and lonely, nobody loves me or cares. I have no friends, no job, no boyfriend and I'm 30. I'm in bad shape


    • This is quite an intense commentary lost in the wind. I hope you're still with us Jackie and life has changed for the better. Depression is a real illness and treatment often helps. Please check with local health services. Even if it's only temporary, to get you through a rough patch. Another thing I've found to ease this feeling is to help someone who is also suffering. Even if it's just a dog or cat that needs someone. Heads up.

      BTW, I'm agnostic on a good day and really don't buy what this cheerleader sells, but your post was on my kid's birthday and it caught my eye, so who knows. 😉


    • @ Jackie I hope you're here? I felt your words while writing this, but reading your post makes me want to reach out to you. Don't suffer alone! You are not. Please reply. I want to help. I sincerely hope that the author read these comments and reached out to you too! We cannot just publish a book of hope without following up on the site's comments. Whoever you are, Jackie, I'm praying for you. ❤️


    • I've been married twice and had several boyfriends. You miss nothing but misery. All the things you want and hope for in a relationship are not going to happen.

      He quickly gets bored of having sex with you and turns to pornography and other women.

      No matter how well and how long you take care of him, if he is sick or injured, he will not return it.

      You will be his emotional punching bag. Anything that bothers or upsets him will be taken out on you.

      He'll be a feminist on finances, meaning you should both be working, but old-fashioned on housework and childcare, meaning those thoughts are your responsibility.

      Learn how to use tools or find good mechanics, landscapers and DIYers. Whenever "man work" comes up, he'll blow your mind, distract you by starting a fight, or screw it up on purpose so much that you'll never ask him to do it again.

      He will constantly dig at you and put you down. If it hurts you, he'll tell you that you're just being dramatic and can't take a joke.

      He will constantly withhold affection and approval that are hardly out of his reach. Compliments are always debunked; "that would be really good if it wasn't too salty" or "it makes you skinny."

      You will spend your birthdays going to his favorite restaurants and opening for yourself gifts he bought for you. He was interested in high-end computer games. He bought me a supercharged computer mouse that I didn't need. He hooked it up to his computer then gave me his old mouse and said it worked great because he saw my mouse stopped working and that way he didn't have to spend extra money to have the mouse repaired buy what he wanted. The same will happen at Christmas.

      On Valentine's Day and anniversaries, he will pick fights until you get to the point where you don't mention them and hope he forgets.

      Don't get a friend, get a pet. A pet will truly love you if you take care of it.


  • Why not reply to these 2 previously legitimate posts?


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  • The question is why does evil become greater than good (God). We're taught that God loves us, but it's hard to believe when you're constantly being struck by human evil. You pray to God, but it is evil that ends up manifesting. Is it that in today's world, evil has overcome good? Does praying and relying on God's help make you more vulnerable to evil?


  • If God wanted me to believe, He would do something. See: Depeche Mode "Blasphemous Rumors"


  • Unemployed for two years. I prayed, sought God. I hoped, believed and waited. Sometimes I feel like he gave up on my case. Is anything bigger than him? Failed job interviews, I needed this job more than the others. god please help me


  • Hello I am new to your blog. I've struggled with terrible things happening in my life for 40 years. I keep going to god and asking him to help me to the best of my ability and just out of pure blind faith to take away the things that hurt my heart is so bad it takes away the health issues that are threatening my life literally ruined. Sometimes I find the comments on these blogs so heartbreaking to me because these other women get it, I not only know that I love God and I love Jesus in spirit and I believe that he is who he says he is, but I don't know how to let him fill me. I've tried reading the bible I've tried so hard to let go and let him change things and nothing never changes when anything hits another wave and it's worse than before now at 48 I'm exhausted I am sad and every area of ​​my life is under spiritual attack, real spiritual attack. I was what I can do is lie here and just repeat the name of Jesus over and over because I don't even know what to pray anymore I just don't feel like I belong with that kind of people who earn his blessing. It's just heartbreaking for me that none of my prayers are coming true, except for a few that are genuinely related to other people's suffering that I've had Endure has colored every milestone in my life with bad memories. I do not know what I'm doing wrong. People say they should read the Bible. I'm reading them now. I do not understand you. I pray all the time, people say just leave it. I don't know what that means and I'm waiting I'm waiting I'm waiting months years nothing changes I know we're all only human but I'm at the end of my tether I feel rejected I feel defeated.


  • I'm years late but I needed this. I've fallen away for so long because I feel like God just doesn't like me, why would he when you grow up with people who treat you like they don't love, it's hard to consider yourself lovable. Thank you so much for writing this and the prayer. I will repeat it every day.


  • I grew up being taught to believe and trust God. Now I just don't know anymore. I'm just fighting to eat and survive. i am alone and hungry I have no food. Where is God now! As I write this, I'm contemplating suicide. The tears are rolling and I'm so depressed.
    I thought he would take care of me. I'm alone and this life isn't worth it anymore. I have no family to help me and I am lost.
    By the time this is read I have already made the first attempt on my life.
    I fight and have no food.


    • Hello Brittany, I can assure you that God loves you and does not want you to feel discouraged and defeated. Please, if you have the opportunity, read the book by
      Work. I lost my mother this year and my father two years ago. I am no stranger to sadness. But sometimes in life we ​​get distracted, blinded by grief. What we don't realize is that God is preparing you for something greater. I can tell you, Jesus is real, he lives, he thinks of you more than grains of sand in the sea! Praise Jesus! I've been unemployed since
      For months I was praying with a pastor friend about a job, and in less than eight hours I received a call for a job, and not just any job, but a supervisor's job! and I give glory to Jesus! because I didn't do it alone! I give glory to Jesus! and he will do the same for you!


  • I can say to a lot of these commenters who are struggling and feeling so down. Remember there is a devil and he works overtime. Whatever you do, you MUST change the way you think. It is very difficult to work for God when your thoughts are constantly focused on the evil that surrounds you. Yes, read the Bible, but more than that, really tell God how you feel. Yell at him, he can take it. Find someone who can pray with you. If 2 or more are praying, I will be there, Jesus said. Do I know the verse and the book? No, I only know what He says. He loves you all VERY VERY. He died for us. How much more love can you get?! This life is hard and nowhere is there a promise from God that we will have it easy on earth. If we love god then i think we have a crappy life lol how can you love god and expect the world to be kind to you? Two opposing sides cannot agree. I've been down and have depression and anxiety and suicidal thoughts but I'm moving on because if God wanted me to die I would be gone by now. I will pray for you all. Please keep your faith in God and remember, even if He seems gone, He is right there to go with you. He speaks to us the more you speak to him. At least that's my experience.


    • Where was God when I was raped at 14?


  • I think the easiest way to say this is directly. God has done nothing in my life that radiates His love. Yes, the whole Jesus thing was a form of God's love for us. Big time. There is no one who could testify what God did then. Could it be time for God to do something to prove himself at this time? I think that would be very helpful. That God remains hidden and silent is not my idea to show us how much he loves us. Perhaps there is some truth to the old adage “actions speak louder than words”. I can say I love you all day, but without an action to prove it, those words are meaningless. Past actions do not necessarily apply to the here and now. I love God and Jesus, I just wish they would return the feeling in a way that I can perceive. Is love really love if there's no plot? Thank you and may God bless you in Jesus name, amen


  • I've been trying to get pregnant for 10 years. I got pregnant 3 times, 2 times via IVF (IVF is very expensive where I live, I'm still paying the loans I took out). I lost them all, not even reaching 5 weeks. I underwent a number of laparotomies and laparoscopies before and after IVFs. I've been a good person my whole life and I still try to live by the book. Most of the time I feel like God doesn't love me or punish me. But I still pray everyday that my situation will change or at least be told once and for all that I will never be a mother and hopefully make peace with that. Sometimes I don't want to hear about God, I'm angry at him for my suffering, yes, sometimes I blame him.


    (Video) From God's Perspective. (FULL SHOW on YouTube/Netflix)
  • My boyfriend broke up with me 4 months ago but eventually got back with the help of Robinsonbuckler11@gmail.com………Thank you so much SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!!!!!


  • Thank you for writing this. I had trouble sleeping last night. I thought I was to blame for everything that was wrong in my life. I was so worried and scared that God didn't love me. This helps me cheer up to get a good night's sleep. Thanks again


  • Pray the rosary for thirty days, at least a decade, and see what happens.


  • you are very wrong Let's talk about what we know, or at least who God says he appears to be.

    First, we know that God created the world and everything in it and that he maintains it. Creator of all, I am the great. In short, as the Bible says, there is none higher. OK, now I know
    Let's take a look at your thoughts, but I want you to remember this. God doesn't treat us the same (I really wish he would), he treats you differently than the way he treats me, so how I come to my theories and thoughts is based on the treatment I get from him get now i understand that we are not supposed to look at others and just keep our eyes on him but i think thats the problem he wants you to be so fixated on him you dont see whats around She's going around, totally blind, like the Bible says. There's a reason why, if you definitely look at someone else and see how God is blessing them, how God is coming through for them, how God is speeding things up (the way I grew up, I assumed God didn't work fast You need to pray about it and let God know your true desire for it.) I don't blame God for assuming I was wrong. I blame God for the people he put into my life who agreed with the assumption that I know I'm in control of my mind, my thoughts, the other I didn't have. Unfortunately we don't choose who we want in our life, it just happens randomly and sporadically so the way I feel is the gods in charge of the things we have can't control. That's just the tip of the iceberg. You feel the way you feel because you're the type of person who's been given so much. God wanted me to focus on him and only look at him and not at people like you. I may not know you, your background and all that stuff, but one thing right now is that if someone thinks that highly of something or someone, it has to be because it's come through for you before and depending on your ambition or your intuition maybe he comes through for you all the time so you're gung ho about that god is faithful and that god loves us it's not mad at us and all those other things you said that's how he treats you . OK, he doesn't treat me like that. I promise you he wants to punish me, he doesn't like me because I don't want to be a slave, he doesn't like me because I've realized what is the truth is he doesn't like me because of things happened in my life where I've been able to point things out and say that you are who you say you are, so when I die I don't know where I'm going, but my goals are already set , there is nothing I can do to help God control my situation. Count on God not to come through, He always makes up for it once you know who you're dealing with


  • Lucky you. You must be one of his chosen ones. I'm not. Apparently I don't give a shit about him.


  • God suck my asshole.


  • God is like those parents who never came home and still want full credit for raising you. I don't think God is disgusted with my actions. I walk the straight and narrow path and make good decisions and he has done nothing to change that. If anything, it makes me fail again and again, and I still find the higher way. Always alone.


  • God can say anything he wants, but it doesn't make it that way. Words don't count, only actions count. And his actions in my life make it clear that he neither cares for me nor loves me. You don't treat those you love like he treated me (or the world for that matter). Not once in my life has He been there for me when I really needed Him. I am 58 and cannot identify a single meaningful blessing He has given me. He cursed me before I was born (it's biblical that God casts people out for some twisted reason) and has tortured me my whole life. I have not answered a single prayer the way I wanted. I know he won't answer all of our prayers, but not even one? It's so bad that sometimes I actually pray for the opposite of what I'm looking for, because I usually get exactly the opposite. And he clearly doesn't know me, otherwise he would know that as long as he treats me like that, we can NEVER have a close relationship. People say, "He wants you to trust him." But he lost my trust a long time ago. And trust is earned, not given, even in God.


  • God doesn't love me. He laughs at my misery and piles it up. My whole life has been a struggle full of disappointments and failures. I've taken all the right steps to succeed and I'm never blessed. God doesn't love me.


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