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If you've recently joined your team at work, speaking out in a new environment for the first time can be challenging. Alternatively, if you've been at your company for a while, you can avoid getting involved in group meetings because you know your team and work like the back of your hand. Whether it's your first group meeting or your fiftieth, asking questions in a group setting encourages open lines of communication and improved information flow within your team.

  • Why it's important to ask questions in group meetings
  • 7 types of questions to ask your boss in a group meeting
  • 4 tips for reaching out to your boss to ask a question

Why it's important to ask questions in group meetings

If you want to be an asset to your team or a leader in your industry, good information will help you get there. By asking questions, you stay informed and feel empowered to achieve a workflow that prioritizes the needs of your manager and your team. Additionally, asking questions in a group environment will encourage healthy dialogue within your team, strengthen your connections with colleagues, and encourage engagement. When you raise your hand and speak up, you motivate others to actively participate as well.

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Prepare in advance

Plan a meeting agenda in advance to give everyone a chance to prepare questions or answers for the team!

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7 types of questions to ask your boss in a group meeting

  • questions for clarification
  • Alignment Questions
  • Career growth questions
  • Questions to inspire new ideas
  • Questions about productivity
  • Questions to get feedback
  • Questions about team building

1questions for clarification

Imagine this: your company is growing rapidly, your team is starting to tackle new projects, and you constantly need to think outside the box. In this scenario, you can ask your manager to clarify expectations and work through the details of specific tasks so everyone is on the same page. Try asking questions like:

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  • What should we prioritize when starting this project?There may be a learning curve when starting a new task, but having your manager clarify their expectations provides a great starting point for your team.
  • What is your vision for the project?You can better focus on your short-term goals for each project when your manager gives a clear vision of the end result.
  • What are your expectations of the team for this initiative?Maybe your manager has a specific goal for the team and not for the project. It will be much easier to develop a game plan and stay on the same page when you are aware of the overall goal.

2Alignment Questions

Help tie your teammates' individual contributions to the company's long-term business goals by asking your manager questions like:

  • What business goals do you want to achieve and how can our team help you achieve them?Help your own team align their mission with your manager's vision by asking your boss about their own work and goals.
  • In your opinion, what specific goal defines the success of our team?A clear answer to this question can help you and your colleagues develop a plan to meet your boss's definition of success. For example, if your manager defines your team's success as your ability to meet an outlined sales goal in the fourth quarter, your team can then develop a plan to accomplish that task.

3Career growth questions

Don't be afraid to ask questions about career growth or promotion in a group! While you shouldn't use the time to ask about your personal development, don't be afraid to ask your manager for advice on how your team can grow together. Ask questions like:

  • What can we do as a team to expand our experiences?Maybe your manager thinks that by being more involved, your team can break down communication barriers and improve performanceteam building exercises. Or maybe they think your team could benefit from meeting more regularly with other departments within the organization.
  • How can we motivate each other in challenging times?maintain Agrowth thinkingin stressful times is difficult. Showing that you're keen to learn how to boost morale in challenging moments is a sign that you want to be adaptable and effective even when the going gets tough.

4Questions to inspire new ideas

Challenge your team to leave their comfort zone and tackle new ideas. Some examples of questions to stimulate innovation during a group meeting are:

  • What are your goals with this team and what can we do to help you achieve those goals?Your boss probably chose you and your teammates for your respective roles because you each bring something different to the table. Learn how to best be focused and focused when you bring your diverse talents together.
  • What is your dream project for our team?Challenge your manager to be idealistic by asking them what great team effort they would be incredibly proud of. When you've accomplished everything your team is working toward, strive together to get closer to that milestone.

5Questions about productivity

Show your manager that you're interested in improving your effectiveness as a team by asking questions like:

  • How can we become more productive as a team?When you're part of a high-performing group, there's likely a lot of things going on at once. Having a manager with extensive experience in your field giving his own productivity hacks can be a game changer!
  • How can we go even further on our next project?You may meet your expectations but not exceed them. Or maybe you and your teammates struggle to finish every project at the last minute and have serious time management issues. As a leader, your manager should be able to identify the necessary skills you need to develop in order to excel in the future.

6Questions to get feedback

Teams that receive feedback together grow together! Here are two feedback-based questions to ask your manager at your next meeting:

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  • Can you name an area where you wish we could be more effective?At your next team meeting, ask for constructive group feedback. Perhaps you're learning a new and improved approach to a task you haven't considered, or have a new skill that you can develop as a team in the coming months.
  • How did our team fare last cycle?Simple questions lead to simple answers. If your manager feels like you've underperformed in a certain area, it's important to have this conversation so you can focus on improving in the future. Alternatively, if your manager was thrilled with your accomplishments during the last cycle, knowing about it will motivate you and your teammates to keep up the great work.

7Questions about team building

Your boss has direct insight into each of your passions, strengths, and areas for improvement. At your next group meeting, add some team-building questions that will build trust and build rapport within the group, such as:

  • What do you appreciate most about this team?Ask your manager why they particularly enjoy working with your department and encourage them to let others have their say.
  • What do you think each of us did well on our last project?By asking your manager to highlight the great things each team member has accomplished, you make everyone feel appreciated for their hard work. If you ask for positive feedback near the end of the meeting, everyone will walk away on a good note.

4 tips for reaching out to your boss to ask a question

  • Prepare in advance
  • Ask important questions
  • Show that you are interested in their answer
  • Find the right time to ask

1Prepare in advance

You're less likely to speak up in a group if you're not prepared. To combat nervousness, make a detailed list of questions you want to ask ahead of time so you can stay engaged during the actual meeting. Ask teammates, who will also be present, to provide feedback on the questions you have prepared. If necessary, you can even practice asking your questions in advance.

2Ask important questions

Here's a tip: if a quick Google search could give you an answer to your question, don't ask your manager. Ask questions that are specific, detailed, and timely during a group meeting. If you have questions that are unique to your role, email your manager or ask them at your next positionone to one.

3Show that you are interested in their answer

Don't just ask questions to join the conversation. Engage throughout the meeting and take notes to show you're interested in taking action after the group meeting. Better yet, use FellowTake meeting notes that track decisions and action points.

4Find the right time to ask

Wait for a natural time in the meeting to ask your questions and make your points. Don't interrupt others, but bring it up if the topic is relevant to one of your prepared questions. If the topic doesn't come up, you can always wait until the end of the meeting or save your questions for next time.

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Ask good questions to build a better team

If you're new to the team, you might be nervous about asking questions for fear of seeming naive. If you've been working with your team for a while, you may not feel comfortable asking questions because you may feel like you should already have all the answers. Remember, there are no stupid questions! Your manager and teammates are there to lean on you and answer your questions as you transition to a new role or tackle a new project. Asking your manager a few good questions at every group meeting will ensure you're always up to date on their vision for your team. Start building a better team today by asking a meaningful question tomorrow!

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