12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (2023)

If you want to create funny memes from photos, web comics or viral videos for Tiktok, then this list of 12 top meme apps you are interested in. The best apps for humor and meme, funny gifs for your iPhone, Android and iPad.

Top 12 beste Meme -Apps

  1. Adobe Express- -Full access to Adobe stock content
  2. S g g- -The best lol pictures & gifs
  3. GATM -Meme -Generator- -The best meme app for Android
  4. Memedroid- -Memes in 2 clicks
  5. Intake: Meme -Generator- -Over 5000 meme templates + stickers
  6. - -The best for video and GIF memes
  7. Meme creator: Make moist memes- -The best user interface
  8. - -Ability to adapt meme
  9. Byte Vine Creative Meme Maker- -To create vines
  10. Meme Maker App- -Collages made of meme
  11. Tired- -The best-platform Meme app
  12. Meme generator from Zombodroid- -Very simple app

You have to keep up with the latest trends and have certain artistic skills to create memes. However, you can make this process considerably easier with the help of the best app for memes with customizable templates, creative fonts and video overlays.

1. Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark)

Full access to Adobe stock content

  • User -friendly user interface
  • Has both browser and mobile versions
  • Fully adjustable templates and styles
  • Enormous collection of images and assets
  • 3 months free trial version
  • A saved picture has a watermark unless you buy a subscription

Verdict:Adobe Express, previously marketed asAdobe SparkAllows you to produce breathtaking content with ease and efficiency and at the same time use thousands of professional templates.

When using Adobe Express, you have unlimited access to the entire Adobe Stock License Library and a large selection of fonts that can be used for your memes.

I love the fact that this software has progressed so far that you create a design you need while you rely on comfortable tools to process tasks such as background extinguishing, text animation, creation of logo, etc.You can change the size in just a few taps. From your image to adapt the desired social media platform and at the same time apply funny effects in seconds.

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (2)

A.S g g

The best lol pictures & gifs

  • Enables the sharing of Memen via social networks
  • User -friendly control panel
  • You can evaluate memes created by other people
  • Stays behind when uploading videos and gifs
  • Downloading large pictures causes difficulties

Verdict: In addition to the production of memes, you can also communicate with like -minded people, enjoy a variety of funny memes and simply spend time with pleasure.can see.

All in all, this is a user -friendly application with astonishing operating speed.

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (4)

3. GATM -Meme -Generator

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The best meme app for Android

  • Use your own pictures as the basis for memes
  • Fast released and opportunities to save on the SD card
  • User -oriented
  • Free version with watermark
  • Ads are only removed in the paid issue

Verdict: GATM MEME generator is one of the few good apps for memes with frequent updates. It contains a gallery of images that you can use to create Memen, or you can upload your own images. The application works without crashes and is updated regularly.

The GATM -MEME generator is often redesigned, but most of its functions remain intact. The free version contains ads.If you want to remove you, you have to upgrade to the Pro Edition.

All in all, this is a reliable meme maker that helps you achieve great results without you having a lot of effort for your page.

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (6)

4. Memedroid

Memes in 2 clicks

  • Common updates
  • Huge online community of GIF and MEME fans
  • To create videos
  • Can crash
  • Only a few additional functions

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (7)


Verdict: Memedroid is one of the oldest memes apps. Here you will find many old templates that have been intertwined with Memes with more recent. They can also upload their own photos.GIFsand captures.

There are not many additional functions, but that's good because you can simply search Memes and then do your own.

However, this is a pretty good option to try it if you want to create memes quickly.

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (8)

5. Instam: Meme -Generator

Over 5000 memes templates, stickers, emoticons

  • Impressive functionality, including cropping, adding filters and processing
  • User -oriented app
  • Quick memes
  • Ads cover the work area

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (9)

Intake: Meme -Generator

(Video) 12 Android Apps You Need to Delete Immediately

Verdict: This is the best meme generator if you need something easy to use and yet.Find anger that completely corresponds to the idea you have in mind.

You can create the meme based on the pictures in your gallery so that the result corresponds to your mood and feelings. If you want to transform your photos into drawings, choose aCartoon pictures app.

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (10)

6. Video and GIF memes

The best for video and GIF memes

  • Uncomplicated and efficient app
  • Stable operation
  • No video preview
  • Missing tools for editing sound

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (11)

Video and GIF memes

Verdict: This application differs from the remaining apps for memes in the way it works..

When you are finished with the selection of an image, tap one of the lines and add captures. If you do not find an interesting text, you can search for inspiration that looks through the sample section., and there will be new ideas.

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (12)

7. Meme Creator: Make moist memes

The best user interface

  • You can add stickers
  • Comfortable step-by-step memory creation
  • A limited filter area

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (13)

Meme creator: Make moist memes

Verdict: With this Meme Creator app you can immediately produce cool memes. It contains the latest meme templates, but if you like good old classics, there is a huge collection that you can also examine.

Choose the template that corresponds to your idea add text and you are ready. It is possible to share the results on social media website directly from the meme creator.

The entire process is very easy what the app makes ideal for an average user. Simply spend a few seconds and impress your trailers with funny memes.

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (14)

8. Meme Maker & Memes Creator

Ability to adapt meme

  • Great text editor
  • Enables the addition of stickers
  • Many ads

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (15)

Meme Maker & Memes creator

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Verdict: This is one of the best meme apps with an appealing design and a well -thought -out interface. You can use both trendy images and classic meme templates to create your original files.

You can add text and then change the font, the opacity, the orientation, the size, the shadows and, what is not, the text editor is really competent.

In addition to standard campaigns, you can add Meme Maker & Memes Creator frame, stickers and backgrounds to existing topics. After you are finished, you can share your creation with friends.

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (16)

9. Byte Vine Creative Meme Maker

Ideal for creating vines

  • Huge user community
  • Simple text formatting
  • Enables the addition of objects to create your creation
  • Text formatting options are too fundamental

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (17)

Byte Vine Creative Meme Maker

Verdict: This application was previously called make a meme+.

As soon as you have examined the skills of this fast Meme manufacturer, you will probably join this group. This application runs on iOS and requires a stable internet connection for smooth work.change.

To make the MEM even more interesting, you can add different objects such as rabbits or hearts. The text processing is done with a single rooster.

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (18)

10. Meme Maker App

Collages made of meme

  • Ability to create a collage
  • Advanced text editing functions
(Video) The iPhone Shortcuts App Explained - iOS Siri Shortcuts for Beginners
  • Too high price of the paid version

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (19)

Meme Maker App

Verdict: This is a modern meme manufacturer who helps you to quickly create a meme and then show your masterpieces to a huge audience.

You have to select a picture, overlap a text and share the result on social networks. Something like this!

The actual advantage of the Meme Maker app is that it supports large caps that consist of several sentences. You can find a free version of this application in the AppStore.

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (20)

11. I

The best-platform Meme app

  • Very simple UI
  • Allows Memen to be viewed quickly
  • Many functions are available in a paid version
  • Free version is full of advertising

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (21)


Verdict: Like most similar applications, it contains a library of MEME templates that contain classics and the latest memes. They can also upload their own photos and create memes of them.

This application has a simple user interface. The most people can easily find out how to use it. The app is completely free without in-app purchases, but there is a watermark for every mem and you cannot remove it.

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (22)

12. Meme generator from Zombodroid

Very simple app

  • Many memes in the library
  • You can add your unique watermark
  • Restricted access for free users

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (23)

Meme generator from Zombodroid

Verdict: MEME generator can be described as the best app for several reasons. In the event of a fee, there will be a paid version without ads., To create your own memes and more.

(Video) How to use Meme Maker on iPhone iOS 14

There is even a separate version for old Samsung devices. This developer also has applications for generating videos and gifs.

12 Best Meme apps for iOS and Android (24)


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