10 other ways to say "Sorry for the inconvenience" (2023)

Most professional communication takes place nowadays via e -mails.

This means that all types of information, both good and bad, both trivial and important, are regularly communicated in the formal written language with the back and forth.

We rarely see the facial expressions of someone or hear his voices when they tell us a little more.

This can be particularly difficult if what is shared is not good news, since it can be difficult to speed up the sincerity of the apology of a person.

A phrase that has become almost synonymous with cancellation, delays or any kind of disappointing news that has become communicated by e -mail is "sorry for the inconvenience".

It is a funny thing that a phrase only sounds banal and insincere because of the use it is used, and this seems to be what seems to be "sorry for the inconvenience" with the notorious sentence.

What is meant by "sorry for the inconvenience"?

Simply put: "Sorry for the inconveniences" in an e -mail is a way to see that something you say will cause the recipient of your message to a kind of trouble. It is often used to regret everythingfor a little discomfort for a real apology for a serious crime.

"Sorry for the inconvenience": background and meaning

"Sorry for the inconvenience" is viewed by many people as a non-apology.

A non-apology is a statement that expresses only the regret for the effects of an action on another person instead of a real regret for the campaign itself.

"Sorry for the inconvenience" now has a bad rap as an insignificant "stock phrase".

If possible, you should try to use an alternative expression of regret instead.

If the problem is sometimes as low as the rescheduling of an informal meeting, you only have to say a quick "apology", but there are times when the crime committed is more careful and requiredSincere apology.

In the following you will find ten alternatives to using the expression "Sorry for the inconvenience" in an e -mail.

Seven are written in theformal registerAnd three are written in the informal register.

Some are best suited for situations in which no extensive apology is required, while other ways are to express real repentance for serious indiscretion.

7 Formal alternatives to "Sorry for the inconvenience"

1. Please accept my sincere apologies.

If a serious mistake has been made in a professional environment, it is extremely important that it apologizes and that the apology recognizes the severity of the error.

It is inappropriate to say "sorry for the inconvenience" if she apologizes for a great indiscretion.

The expression "sorry for the inconvenience" sounds funky and insincere in this context.

In contrast, a phrase, such as "Please accept my sincere apologies", clearly recognizes the seriousness of the error made.

Dear Mr. Marks,

Please accept my sincere apologies for our failure to provide your order by the agreed date. We will immediately refund your order and send you a gift voucher of $ 100.


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Erik Fonda

2. I understand your frustration and can assure you that this will not happen again.

If someone wrote to you to complain about a mistake that was made, it is a good idea to recognize the difficulties he experienced as a result.

This shows that you want to solve the problem in good faith and that you have taken the time to see the problem from your point of view.

A short way of conveying this feeling is to say: "I understand your frustration and can assure you that this will not happen again."

Dear Jane,

Thank you for making what was made to me. I take steps to correct and have the situationcc’dIn our complaint department.

The loan, which was deducted from your online account, should be resumed within half an hour.

I understand your frustration and can assure you that this will not happen again.

With best wishes,


3. I can see how important this is and I will tackle the problem immediately.

One of the reasons why many people do not like the expression "sorry for the inconvenience" is that he is passive.

It acknowledges that a person has had or becomes unpleasant experience without doing anything about it.

A good way to assure the recipient of your e -mail that you have understood the urgency of your complaint or your problem is to respond with the promise to take measures.

The expression "I can see how important this is and I will tackle the problem immediately" has the advantage that both recognized the severity of the unfortunate situation and promises to take steps to tackle it.Great synonym for "sorry for the inconvenience".

Dear Mrs. O’malley,

I guess you tell me about your negative experience when you talk to one of our customer service employees about your recent order. I just looked up your order number and found that your package was sent last week but has not yet left our warehouse.

I can see how important this is and I will tackle the problem immediately. Package is sent today.

With best wishes,

Clare Shannon

4. Please let me know if I can do something to solve the problem.

Another formal alternative to "Sorry for the inconvenience" that offers to give the person with whom you communicate, to give support: "Please let me know if I can do something to solve the problem."

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This is a good sentence if there is no obvious way for you to improve the situation for the recipient of your message.However, you want to show the willingness to help you if you can.

This sentence should generally be used if the problem is not exclusively the fault of the writer, but they could still be able to do something to facilitate the situation for everyone involved.

Dear Dr.Bronson, Dear Dr.Bronson,

Thank you for your e -mail and the attention of the planning conflict. I will decide the new time for our meeting on Monday until I heard from you about your availability.

Please let me know if I can do something to solve the problem.

Best wishes,

Sandra Tag

5. It is clear to me that this is disappointing.

Sometimes the most important thing to communicate is a sincere understanding that a person has been disappointed.

This can often be the case, even if the writer has not done anything wrong, and as such noSorry e -mailis necessary.

Especially in cases in which no party has made a mistake, "sorry for the inconvenience" can encounter something insensitive or insincere.

A much better way to convey to real understanding that this person will be dissatisfied with the result of a situation is only to be said: "I notice that this is disappointing" or alternatively "I can see that this can be a disappointment.. "

Hello julie,

I grab you with youBecause I heard from my sister that they wanted to look for a violin teacher and talk to me about starting in the class.

It is clear to me that this is disappointing.

Best wishes,


6.Thank you for your patience.

While many people do not like the fact that the expression "sorry for the inconvenience" is not an expression of the repentance for the action that caused the inconvenience, some things do not require any excuse.

In these cases it is helpful to say something that does not sound banal, but also does not include an unnecessary excuse.

One way to do this is to thank someone for his patience, his understanding or his time.

Deir Murr. Rahmani,

Thank you for your patience on the phone, while I looked up your account number. I confirmed with the IT department that your account has now been activated and is a new password Rahmani123.

Please change your password today and delete this e -mail.

With best wishes,

Stefan Kidder

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7. I apologize without reservation

However, there are also times when a sincere apology is justified. In these cases, it is not enough to simply say "sorry for the inconvenience" and can occur as funky or absolutely.

If you have made a real judgment error that caused someone who has serious inconvenience or crimes, you can say: "I apologize without reservation."

Dear Jim,

Thank you for recently informing me about your negative experience and our nail studio. The behavior of the employee was unacceptable and the matter is tracked internally. In the meantime, please accept the connected e-poison voucher with a value of 100 USDollar as a token of our sincere regret.

I apologize without reservation for the crime caused.


Jemima Aisley

3 informal alternatives to "Sorry for the inconvenience"

1. My mistake!

If you write to someone with whom you have informal terms, you can quickly recognize your mistake by simply writing "my mistake!"

Hello juan,

You are right, the meeting is not on Tuesday on Monday. My mistakes!



2. My bad! I will make sure that this will not happen again.

Being with someone in informal conditions does not mean that you can neglect it to apologize to you if you do something wrong!

If you work with someone regularly, it can be even more important that he can trust them.

If you make a misstep, you should recognize your mistake and clearly tell you that you understand what you did wrong and do not repeat your mistake.

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Hi bea,,

You are right, I forgot to buy coffee beans for the office paper machine this morning.

My mistake! I will make sure that this will not happen again.



3. My guilt!

This Latin expression, which is translated as "by my guilt", is a Catholic prayer of the confession. If it is used in English, it essentially means "it was my fault".

You can use this expression if you write to someone with whom you have informal terms to quickly recognize an error.

Hallo Shirley,

Mea Culpa! I'm like thatstupid gooseI forgot to attach the example photos from the wedding photographer to customers in my previous e -mail.Please find them attachedNow.

Could you please print them out and bring them to your meeting this morning?

You are a lifesaver!



10 other ways to say "Sorry for the inconvenience" (4)

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